Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Start Again ~

It's seems to me that people are often complaining about their relationships.
(self included) (guilty)
Some screaming to the roof tops how their cup of love has indeed over flowed and it now sits empty..
Screaming from within that they desire to  feel cherished,
understood, appreciated,and valued, loved.

Speaking in terms of marriage, dating relationships, and friendships..

Perhaps a spouse/friend/dating relationship  has let you down,
one who was perhaps is as much a part of your life as your blow dryer !
Disappointment, hurt, confusion, and oh, the why's we asked over and over???
Broken trust, hurting hearts.

Sometimes it may seem as though you are in constant search
of someone you can count on, on something that will provide some peace...
We often attempt to fill up with peace from people or things,
things that don't love you back.

We all would like to be full of hope,
rather than a heap of hurt and disappointment...
It's a frequent yearning for something more.

In my life I spent many years believing I would find that person,
 that loving connection that would fulfill me.
I was putting my hope in, another human.
Humans fail us my friends, and fail often. 
We all fall so short of the mark of loving to capacity without ever hurting others
even though it may not be our intention.

God created us to be in drawn to His Love.. a full to capacity kind of love.
A love that will never run low or reach empty....
A love that will not disappoint or hurt us.
Our hearts, each designed by our Creator,
a Creator that wants relationship with us.
He desires to be our greatest love.
He can and will fill that empty space in your heart, His love is constant.
When He becomes the most important relationship to you, 
you will then understand how to go about  healthy human relationships.

Perhaps your currently doing well in all of your relationships....
You may feel you don't need Him, I mean for the most part your pretty happy, right?
Fact is...relationships do disappoint in little ways and big ways...
Learning God's love enables you to 
see all that your marriage, friendship, courtship is capable of being,
 when He is it's foundation.
It will also show you how to respond to those who disappoint you.
It is with God that I was able to experience wholeness, 
a wholeness that  enables relationships to go beyond what I ever imagined.

It doesn't mean your husband will suddenly release that remote control from his hand,
or that he'd be glad to miss the big game  to sit and chat with you his beloved....
It doesn't mean your friends will never disappoint...they will.
It doesn't mean your kids will become the loving, well behaved teens you've only dreamed of..
Whatever the relationship, it will improve it, as will how you respond to them.
The next time you realize, your way hasn't worked out so well.... 
Let God be your constant, remove that loneliness and lift that disappointment!
...He will begin a work on you and those around you.
With a love like no other.

I'm suggesting you just decided to begin again, only with God as number one.
Not you, not someone else, God.
Learn to love as God loves.
You will be amazed at the affect it will have on those around you. 
You will learn many things, some not so comforting such as....
He may tell you, as He's told me many times when I have prayed for him
to fix my husband.
"debi, you worry about fixing debi, you leave him to me....."

The struggles we have in relationships and in life for that matter,
 I believe they are intended to point us to God.
To learn to trust Him in each situation, even when it's hard to trust,
trust Him anyway!
God never promised trouble free relationships, in fact He tells us we
will have trouble....
It's just one reason I need Him in my life.
The One who will not disappoint.

There have been many mountain highs and many valley lows in my journey.
It's in the valley's that I've come the furthest, learned the most.
If your going to learn it's often the case that you reach the valley floor
prior to doing so....

Test His promises for you....
start again. ~

The Constant what echos from my heart today .


  1. excellent post! And one I would do well to remember!

  2. I'm so glad he is always faithful. In Him I put my trust!

  3. His unconditional love, it's a beautiful thing.

    Well written, Debi.
    I like your new layout.