Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Grow Up and Live on the Street ~

Whose Children Become those that Live on the Street?
Surely nobody set it as a goal in life.
Out and about these last few days prior to Khoe and Ellery coming back
to me full time.
I'm getting as much done as I can.... I have planned it out
in order to not be in a hurry or stressed out over doing so.
Dental appointment, Eye Doctor, lab work, menu planned, home de-clutter (never ends).

It seems these last several times I've been out, I have looked into the face of a homeless person.
It always makes me sad, their living conditions.
I know some actually chose to live as they do...but I believe those that make that choice, do so 
because of some form of mental illness.

What about the others... some are war veterans damaged by what they've seen, lived, or tried to forget.
I believe our Government should be doing more upon the return of our men and women.

What about the rest?
Whose children are they?

Why was I so blessed with a loving family so large, it would be hard to escape someone
that wanted to love me, watch out for me, guide me?

When I leave church on Sunday mornings I often walk through a small crowd of teens.
I make a point to notice them.
I've mentioned them before....it still happens that they are somewhat invisible...
So many walk by them as if they don't see them standing there occupying space.
I look, because they matter to me.
I look, because possibly this is the only place someone does notice them.
Sadly so many parents haven't a clue of what thier children are up to...many so 
wrapped up in themselves they don't care to know.

I believe we should watch out for other peoples children.... I mean the more of us looking out
for them the better for them, no?

I mean, even good parents can't be with their children all hours of the day, why not 
be that family friend, church family member that notices. 

 Kids often get the rap of being down right rude to adults...
they don't "respect their elders".
I think that works both ways...we can be examples of, respect.
Respect of another human being without age restrictions to the rule.  
Why would they begin to think about respect, or us expect it from them,
 if we can't even acknowledge their presence?

We can all be a part of forming children that feel valued and loved.
We can ignore them, not our responsibility to care for them,
after all were too busy as it is!
A young boy that grew up in my neighborhood grew up to be an alcholic on skid row, 
living and sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles...why?
He was a sweet, shy, well mannered boy.
How did he get missed by so many of us?  
We were a fairly close little neighborhood, 
how do we not see this stuff?

So many of us kids around the same age...somebody had to notice, 
somebody should have announced "hey, we may have a problem here!"
Those of us to busy to notice may have come running...running to be a friend to one of our own.
I think of our "friend" most every time I look into the face of a homeless person...

How do we miss this slow progression of pulling away, becoming invisible,
 alone with nothing but their loneliness?
A person feeling so unloved, so alone that nothing matters in their lives other than 
finding a place on the street that provides a wind break from the cold.
How bad might it be at home that you choose the streets?

Mother Teresa said;
" The world's greatest tragedy is unwantedness, the world's worst disease is loneliness."

My friend grew up in a nice neighborhood full of children and two parent families.
I'm thinking we could have made a difference.  If the adults in our community and for
that matter us kids had made contact with him, made conversation with him,
 possibly someone would have gotten a clue that he needed, 
 someone, anyone.......
How is it we became so busy we missed it???

I'm hoping that none I pass go unnoticed,
I want them to know, I see them......

"He took a little child and set him in the midst of them.  
And when He had taken him in His arms, He said to them,
 'Whoever receives one of these little children in My name receives Me'"
Mark 9:36-37

Children are our treasures, let's treasure them....

So that none go unnoticed, that's what echos from my heart today.


  1. Debi, this is such a sweet and thought provoking post. We have someone in our family who suffers from extreme depression. His choices are erratic and we never know what to expect. So many things that you would never want to happen...have. He's not invisible, he's very loved, but he lacks something that makes him feel connected. You know? Maybe lots of the homeless people have similar characteristics. I don't know.....we have lots of homeless people in Dallas too and it makes me wonder.

  2. What a beautiful and profound echo! I have always gone out of my way to make folks feel special and loved and I especially enjoy it when I see a real need. We all need to feel loved, to be needed and appreciated. It is what makes us thrive as individuals. Thanks for a powerful post!

  3. This was such a good post and such a DEFINITE need in our society. I feel you right, and soo many go unnoticed or unloved. I feel it is often true of the elderly as well. I do try to go out of my way to greet and speak to those in our church or see when I am out. Sometimes they just seem soo desperate to have someone to speak to. Soo lonely. My heart hurts for them. And yet like ?Stacy I know a couple of family members who suffer from depression and just can't seem to be reached. Sooo hard. They appear to be forgotten, but they really aren't. The answer is of course to love them all just as He would have done. Soo glad you wrote this post. It has made me think and ponder. I might be looking at some of our teens differently now instead of just the elderly. Enjoy your day!

  4. Hope to be clear...I'm not suggesting people that can't be reached due to depression become invisible to us, or that families of those on the street don't hurt for them. It's those that get lost in the shuffle of life as if invisible...those who are invisible at home, in school, at church..Look for them, and I believe you will spot them. Hugs!

  5. Debi
    While visiting a park last summer in the city we passed a group of teenagers loitering. On our way back a couple of them confronted us. I was really shocked and worried but I acted friendly and unafraid which threw them off guard.
    It is so..sad that so many children no longer have any adults caring for them or about them. I don't have any answers for it. ...

  6. Yes, there are so many who are lost and feel disconnected. And, I agree we've become a society that often overlooks those who would surely benefit from a smile and a few words. Unfortunately, there are way too many living on the streets. It often riles me when I learn how much attention is given to foreign countries, how much money is sent when there are so many living in our country who need help. I realize that some live on the streets by choice, and as you say some or most likely due to mental issues of one kind or another. And, also like you Debi, it hurts my heart. I thank God that my family hasn't turned their backs on me with some of the issues I've had with manic depressions. And, I wish it could be so for all others.

    As usual, you've given us a lot to think about and I thank you for that.

  7. Debi, the invisible ones surround us every day and in so many places. I love your heart and your gift of love and care of those dear people. I too pray that God will make me aware of them and cross my path with them. I appreciate your honesty and the way you share your heart via this blog. I thank God for you.