Monday, January 28, 2013

Outdoor Fun and Did We Ruin it For Our Kids?

When I was a kid (yes I still remember) I couldn't wait to get outside.
" Mom what do I have to do before I can go outside?" 
Mom would then provide me with the chores I had to do first.
Please somebody tell me kids still have chores!!!!

My life was riding my bike, rollerskating, softball and games with 
the neighbor kids such as Mother may I, Hide-n -Go Seek.
Heck I can remember playing cards with my friend Joni on the front
porch....anything to be outside.

It was brought to my attention when reading my friend Judy's blog,
which I do hope you will check out, it's one of favorites!
( )
Her most recent post included photos out in the country of ice skating ponds
along the road side.  Large gatherings of kids heading to the pond to skate.

I had to stop and think about when I was a kid the neighbor hood streets were lined with kids
playing in the fresh air and sunshine.
Now I can drive though neighbor hoods and rarely see a child outdoors.

Where did they go?
My guess it the majority of them are playing video games or parked in front of
the televison.
My sons used to love playing outside, digging holes, climbing trees, playing with
their over sized trucks, riding bikes.


I can remember when my sons first received Nintendo for Christmas.
It was instantly all they wanted to do.  I just assumed it's because it was
the latest craze and a new will loose it's power over them soon enough.
I recall tellling them it was time to turn it off and go play outside...
" but Mom, I'm at level 19 "
Mom, "okay just a little longer".
The corrupter of outdoor play had become their everything.
" Mom, my thumbs hurt "  What????

The two boys were so taken in, that alarms were being set for pre dawn hours
just to get some games in before school.

I finally set a time limit which was always met with,
" Just one more game".

That's it, Nintendo was sent to their Dad's where they could only play it
every other weekend.

These kids still didn't get too excited about outdoor play.
They preferred  going over their baseball card collection,
forever checking the latest Beckett magazine to see if they had
increased in value or not.

It then became, okay they play with the cards
 but they would be doing so out on the porch.
Determined to get some fresh air and vitamin D for them.
They watched the movie Tombstone so many times it was crazy.
When they start quoting dialogs from every scene, before the actors...
Houston we have a problem.

Maybe it's just me but I find it sad that kids continue to be allowed to sit in front
of video games and television rather than out getting some exercise.

Childhood obesity, oh yes!!!

I heard a very alarming number of kids under eight years old are becoming
diabetic due to their weight and lack of movement.
Shame on their parents if it's due to the above.
It's an entire different blog when we talk obese children and the parents
that buy them all the junk they are living on!!!
Then feel bad for their kids because they are being teased at school about
their weight....the same kids that are picked last for teams, the same kids that
have few if any friends.

 And those videos.....

I'm amazed at the content of the video games and how real they look today.
Heads being shot off and your kids pulling the trigger.
" They are just having fun... '
Really, that's the kind of fun you want them to have? 

Come on parents, pull up your big person panties and be the parent to your child.
It's not about being popular with or you being their friends.
They don't need you as a friend they need you to parent.

Let's be a part of  the kids growing up in fresh air and sunshine.
You know, healthy!

It breaks my heart to know video games and television
are full of unhealthy content yet children are given permission to
 watch most

I'm really hoping to someday see neighborhoods full of kids
 having fun outdoors again.

Thanks for the reminder Judy!

Healthy kids, it's what echos form my heart today......


  1. Amen, Debi. You hit the nail on the head. I'm quite a lot older than you, but yes ma'am playing outside seems to be a thing of the past. We played outside for two reasons; we wanted to and our parents were of the generation that children were to be seen and not heard. LOL In other words, especially if "company" was visiting, out we went. But, I remember loving to play with the other neighborhood kids. Heck, I even remember going out to the front "stoop" at night singing my favorite songs. I never thought anyone heard me, so I'd just belt them out. Until one night, one of the kids next door yelled out "you're out entertainment". LOL

    My daughter and her ex-husband raised their 4 children together; he had two boys and Patti of course had Brittney and Ben. The four of them were very young when they got married. Those kids? You couldn't keep them inside. It was t-ball, then softball, football, gymnastics (for Britt who also participated in all the above), fishing off the dock, swimming in the river, all sorts of activities. And, then you know dirt bikes and motocross for Ben.

    So far, Hunter would rather be out than in, and it looks like Rylan will follow in her big sis's footsteps. I hope so!

    But, it's so different in every family. My brother's boys (who are grown men now) were never interested in sports much,and I know my brother was disappointed as when he was growing up he played every sport there was to play. However, one of his boys did enjoy bike racing and skate boarding. Now, my youngest nephew's daughter who is ten? It has been Pocaman (I don't know how to spell it) from the time she could read. It seemed every single time I'd see her, she'd have all her attention in that game. And, she'd start talking about it, I had to just tune her out; she would go on forever. LOL

    Patti was about 15 when I got a call at work from my now ex-mother in law who unfortunately had moved across the street. "Patti is outside riding her bike, she needs to be in the house doing homework." Oh man, did that tick me off. LOL

    Debi, you will never want me to comment again! But, I do so agree with you about obesity in children, and parents who are too into themselves not to take precautions where their kids are concerned.

    Okay, if I never hear from you again, I'll know you don't want me to write you any more books. xoxo

  2. Bought some roller skates with purple fun, I forgot how stiff they are at first lol trying not to break my neck..what a hoot..I love outside still!!! Emy Lou