Thursday, January 31, 2013

Movie Night ~

We don't go out to movies very often.
One, the cost....yikes!

I hate to even admit, I payed $4.00 for a small bottle of water!!!

Rather let me tell you why we watch video from home.
One, the cost....quite reasonable.
Two, there are two clean restrooms and no lines.
Three, blanket and fireplace...... 
Four, we have surround sound,
Five, a sixty five inch T.V screen....

There may be an occasional movie released that for sure
will be better on the big screen. 

The Titanic, a good example.
Just made the big ship look, well, big!

The true reason behind this post isn't really about where you watch.
The real reason is I am  surprised how many good movies
slip under the radar and may never be seen by movie lovers.

So, I am recommending a movie both the hubstir and I enjoyed.
It came to us from my oldest son Mike, who is serious about fishing. 

I was a little skeptical but then again he isn't the movie 
recommending son...that is my youngest Brian, who is
all about movies.
Who's in it, who directed it, a list of all they've directed get the idea.
So, I thought it must be pretty good if Mike is recommending..

Salmon Fishing on the Yemen

I love Emily Blunt who stars in it so we gave it go.
 Loved it!
It's not a blockbuster at Titanic levels but I am recommending it as a good movie.
I would watch it again.
Hope you will check it out and let me know what you thought!

Dim the lights,  bottle of water under four dollars in hand (smile), fireplace going, couch, blanket, check!

Gearing up for movie night, is what echos from my heart today :-)


  1. Now, that sounds good! I haven't been to a movie in years! Yes, the cost and all of a sudden I began to feel claustrophobic, eee gads, something awful!

    I do like watching at home, and watched a really good one the other day; you've probably seen it, but if not, I highly recommend: Legends of the Fall, Brad Piit, Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn.
    Oh was that GOOD!!

    I hope you have good weekend, and Debi, thanks for the extra hug today. Sometimes, I just have to go down that road.


  2. Debi
    My hubby and I went to The Hobbit, before that it was 3 or 4 years ago that we last went out to a movie. We don't rent videos either. But we buy a lot of British series.
    I hope your movie comes to TV, I'd lke to see it, as I'm an Emily Blunt fan too.

  3. Hi Debi,
    Love the examples of why staying in is great. I've never seen Titanic. Phoabia thing. Ha.
    I did budget a couple weeks back for the Barbara Streisand/Seth Rogen movie it was good.

    Hugs, Viola

  4. Thanks for the review. I like Emily, too....she was great as Queen Victoria. Fortunately, we have a Sr discount at the theater, so it is only $7 any time. Typically, I don't buy the food, but if I do they have a $5 kid pack...small drink and small popcorn. That is plenty for me and it adds to the thrill of going to the movies!

  5. I wondered if that movie was good, no I'll have to check it out! I take a bottle of water in my purse when we go to our one or two movies a year...:).

  6. Well, what a weird name for a movie but love to have movies recommended. Hubby and I so seldom go to the movie but we will rent one if it comes with good marks. And, yes, microwave popcorn, a bottle of water, an afghan and we're "good to go." Happy weekend to you!