Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Change, I Don't Much Care For It ~

Change is something I have never much cared for.

A blog I follow, My Front Porch (expect beautiful photos)
was about the rural mailboxes that 
had to change out to the cold steal ones, with zero personality...

I first realized this when I had at last mastered the electric typewriter.
Just when I'm feeling all proud of my 65 words per minute it happened.

The Word Processor 

I was so annoyed, I didn't want to learn a different way, I like the way it is!

Then the first I realized "style" change.
I was the biggest fan of bell bottom jeans, usually purchased in the Hermosa Beach  the location of, 
Jeans I loved that store.  How I love my bell bottom blue jeans, 
they were so.....70's!

No it's not me....Honesty, I pride myself on it......
But don't you love them!  
Very upset when the style changed to straight leg jeans,
What was I to do, didn't want to remain the hold out on fashion....
and then
Seriously, bell bottoms are back in style??????
Of course I bought them again......

Can I tell you that I have 4 cases of record albums stored!
Yes, the CD has better sound quality and I now own close to 450 of them....
I was perfectly happy with my albums and that somewhat scratchy...recorded sound...
However, I'm a lover of all genres of music and once I heard how great the CD sounded
I conformed.
As aside,
I still love the thought of playing my albums, and that scratchy sound
 is now big with many of the young.
Turntables are once again lining the shelves.....and I really want one!
Who knew?

I'm a teapot fan.

I have wonderful, treasured memories of drinking hot tea as a little girl with my Mom.
Milk and sugar please :-)
Mom loved teapots too, therefore I'm the proud owner of approximatey 15 to 20 beautiful tea pots.
What does this have to do with change?
For years I had a cooper tea pot on my stove at all times, a gift from my sister Deanna.
Then came.......

The radar range/micro wave oven.
I may have been one of the last on earth to own one.
My first was actually a housewarming gift from my sister Dona and her husband Ralph
in 1988 !!
I felt I didn't need it, would have no use for it.
Well, I do admit it's great for melting butter, popping popcorn,
 (though I loved the Jiffy on the stove thingy you had to keep moving)
and the best for reheating my coffee every day,
often up to 8 times....yep the same cup.

 Just this past year my sister Deanna bought me an electric teapot.
Well, I never.
Ok, I did and I love it!
I still love my tea pots and long for a case of sorts to display them.
When that happens I will still use those beautiful pots, when I have company.
 I may use if for myself when I'm alone with a memory!

Let it be known,
I'm very thankful for change that has come before me.
I love electricity, but I still love to burn candles as an option :-)
 I do love taking the car to Montana every year and not the dreaded covered wagon.
Though I was very good at it I'm thankful I no longer have to get up to flip through 
channels and move the antenna.. OK, so this one wasn't before my time....honesty.....

 I don't like when life changes, when best friends move away, but I love going to visit!

I don't like when the life of someone I love comes to an end.
 I'm thankful I have God's promise because of my faith,
 that I will see them again.

I also love when a baby's birth reminds me,
One life end's as another begins and I can experience joy again. 
That lesson was in the birth of my great niece
Ruby Louise Lemon Green, yep
she made me joy filled!

So, change isn't so bad.
Well except for wrinkles, bellies, and all things that sag.
Honestly, not liking that so much......

Change, it echos from my heart today......


  1. Change oh yes, lots of it in my life..but we adjust and go with it, finding our place again and again...I love you debi and our friendship will never change I will always treasure you! Emy Lou

  2. It's ok to hang on to the old things that make you happy. I think. :)

    We've had so many changes in the last year too. In fact, there are days that I wonder who's life I'm living right now!

    Ruby is adorable!

  3. Saw you over at Nancygrayce and popped on over. What a great post and I've seen everyone of these changes that you wrote about. And, like you, I'm thankful for them, but not all change is good or easy to accept. Enjoyed my visit and will be back. HOpe you'll stop by when you get a minute. Blessings for this day!

  4. I had an uncle who lived to l05 who once told me "life is about change", and I'm sure he saw many in his lifetime. There are some that are easier to deal with than others. As for style, I never really was a follower of what was "in"; however I will say I was so glad when panty hose came along, and then, now we don't have to wear them anymore. :)

    This is a great post, and would you believe that while I do have a remote, my tv only picks up one channel and does well unless the wind blows.


  5. I was nodding even before I began to read! I too love hanging on to the things I love...and am most reluctant to change. I'm glad the rabbit ears are gone...but most changes have not been applauded over here.