Friday, August 31, 2012

Nanny's Mini Me?

So several people both friend and family
have noted that they see my Mom (Nanny) in
Khloe :-)

Well of late, one has to wonder.  Ms. Khloe stumbled upon my 
Mom's wig (when one had to have a good hair day).
I put it on her bald little head and she loved it.
She made no attempt to remove it whatsoever!
Her Daddy held her in front of the mirror and she was
smiling and 
softly touching the little wisps of hair as if to last.

The other day she spied my glasses on the table.
If I'm not wearing them I usually have them up
on my head.

She kept trying to touch them and of course,
Gramma's favorite word, NO came from my mouth.
She then kept looking at them and tapping her bald little head.
She wanted to put them on her head like she sees me do.
So, against my No lessons guidelines I gave in :-)

She loved them and again made no attempt to remove them.
(Nanny by the way wore glasses)

Little Ms. gets excited when I come into the room with clean laundry.
She really does take things out of the basket and attempt to fold them.

I should mention,
she also loves to unfold them!

My sister said, next she'll be offering to get the spots out of things like Nanny used to do.
If we couldn't get it out Mom would work her magic.

Mom has been on my mind a lot this week.
I think because Khloe is changing so fast, every day she does something new.
Something Nanny would have gotten such joy out of.
It's often heart breaking that I can't pick up the phone to share with her.
I can't send her photo's, photo's she would take and show all her neighbors.
She was indeed a proud Nanny to all of her 6 Grand children and two Great Grands!

Yesterday Khloe found a pair of her Daddy's shoes from when he was not much bigger than her.
I have always kept them on my bookcase to make me smile and remember when.
She pulled them off and tried to put them on.
Gramma assisted.

 They were quite big, but she grinned from ear to ear to have them on.
I told her they were Daddy's, he loved his "clown" shoes.
We took a little walk down the tile floor so she could experience walking in her Daddy's shoes.

I remember the day Nanny bought these for my son.
I remember that little boy whose feet filled them.
My heart was full to  think of my little boy,
such a great Daddy to this sweet little girl.

Many days of late 
full of memories......
Spend a day with yours!
that is what echos from my heart today.


  1. Khloe is adorable and how sweet that she is like your mom! She's especially cute in both the wig, glasses and little shoes!!!

  2. That is one adorable baby girl! What a blessing that you get to spend so much time with her. Children are a nice reminder that life goes on and that helps us deal with loss....or it did for me anyway.:-)

  3. What a kind reminder of a treasured lady, to have little Khloe in your life. The picture of her in the glasses, added a smile to my day, as does your gift of writing.