Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Santa Barbara ~

Santa Barbara

Our awesome view!

Trolly, 25 cents to your destination....



Lynn and Ben Franklin :-)

Pomegranate sauce
slivered almonds...

Bought it!!

More food......

 The team :-)

Yes, I photographed confetti on the sidewalk ....

Sight for sore eyes at home......

There is no place like home....
We had a wonderful trip
much needed getaway.

Returning to " normal "
Starting  again.....

Life starting new everyday,
what echos from my heart today....

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  1. Debi, I am so happy I got to see these gorgeous pictures! I never visited California and so I appreciate your sharing it with me. The pinkberry looked so good!!! The beauty of Santa Barbara is exceptional! The picture of you and your husband is beautiful! Thanks for taking time to share it all on this post. It all went so well with my morning coffee.