Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Would You be Friends With Her ?

My little Khloe lay before the mirrored wardrobe doors in my office and was quite happy to meet herself!
She lay here for a good 40 minutes enjoying her time with,

 It brought this thought to mind,
....would I be friends with me, would I like that person staring back at me?
What might I want to change?

I think what I would like best is,
she is real and she is honest.

What wouldn't I like?

That is tougher to answer admit to. 

Though I'm getting much better,
I often react rather than taking it in and giving it a few moments thought.
I'm trying to hold it in more often...
I'm trying, to not have an opinion on everything.
At least an out loud opinion...
This one is hard for me.
I believe and struggle with, everyone has a right to an opinion.
It's True.
It doesn't mean I have to share it!!
I try to not give an opinion unless asked.
Though I admit,
I need some gobbs of help in this area 
when it comes to my hubby...
I confess, it's hard.....
I have actually given the warning to some,
if you don't want my opinion please don't ask for it.
Cuz here's the deal, 
If you ask an honest person you will get an honest answer......
not everyone is good with hearing an opinion about themselves
let alone, the truth :-)

For me,
my best friends and those that love me
are the ones that tell me the truth.
They tell me what I need to hear 
not what I want to hear!

So my original thought has hung on for a few days now.
What would I want to change about me?
I'm going to continue to think on that.
I often pray that God will reveal those areas
where I need work .
if you pray it,
He will reveal it
and that 
 requires some action :-)
this is what echos from my heart today........


  1. awwww, that sweet baby girl! How precious is that!!

    I'm trying also not to give an opinion unless asked, and even then sometimes I clam up because I've never been one to argue. This has been me since a very young girl. Confrontation? I run for the hills!!

    So glad I can post comments again because I'm sure you've missed my big mouth. LOL

    Love ya! Enjoy that precious baby girl. ((hugs))

    1. Good questions you raise. Food for thought. And such cute pic's of Khloe making friends with herself!

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  2. Just now reading this. There are days I would NOT want to be friends with me. Those are the judgmental opinionated days. But there are other days when I would want to be my friend. Those are the listening, understanding days. I pray that my good days outweigh my bad ones.