Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year !


I have so missed being in contact with my
fellow bloggers.
I was in constant motion it seems during the month of December,
always trying to keep myself in check and not let the stress that often finds it's way into the season in.
I do believe I was successful!

I hope the Christmas season was wonderful for you and yours!
Looking forward to a new year of blogging along with each of you.
Today all I have are some of the photos of joyful moments I experienced while I was away :-)

These first ones are in the form of Shutterfly as I for some reason was unable to get them on here any other way.  Ah...computers.....

They are of Julia and Aubrie our oldest Grands when they spent a couple days with us.  Treasure each moment we have with them!

Sister Deanna and my Great niece Ruby Lu ....

Above is Ruby Lu, below our littlest one Khloe.....

Grandpa showing off his roses to Khloe...


Below ~ Khloe in her Christmas Eve tutu with her parents....

Christmas day with Uncle Brian

We enjoyed meals, we had many laughs, made some new memories
 we opened some gifts......

Knowing full well that, 

is the gift.


This is what echos from my heart today........


  1. Love your pictures and it looks like you did keep the right perspective! It's so easy to get lost in the rush of the days in December. January isn't slowing down either!

    Your grands are darling and Khloe.....such a doll baby!

  2. What a great December you had! Precious best describes Khloe! Hope January and 2012 is a great time for you and your family!