Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Little Things, are They Really Big? ~

My sweet friend Jane posted this on her Facebook yesterday...
           The radio DJ said today, "Someday we will realize that the little things in life were really the big things." WOW.
Need less to say this got me thinking.
What a true statement....I do believe that my "someday" has arrived!  
Though Khloe is my 6th Grandchild, she is the only one that lives close enough ( a block away) for me to see her most any day.  Since I now watch her full time I get to see her cute little face early every morning.  If lucky, I'm  asked to watch her at some point over the weekend, even if for a short time.

Yes, this " little thing " really is the " big thing ".  
Baking with Julia and Aubrie...a little thing, yet a big thing to me. Seeing the eagerness to learn, the pride in the doing, the satisfaction on their little faces when they see and taste the finished product!
I wonder, what other little things are really big things in disguise???
So much time wasted on the unimportant aspects of life.
My love for my family and friends, never more important to me.
Often we find the big things really aren't so fulfilling...
Oh, but these grand children, they truly are the big things!
I'm thinking we best take another look at those " little " things,what a shame to realize at a later time what's really important now :-) 
this is what echos from my heart today!


  1. So true! Bob Benson said, "the invisible intangibles are the enduring essentials." I try to bear that in mind. And- I LOVE the photos, especially the last one!

  2. Your little things really are precious big things. These pictures are so good! They are melting my heart. What a great reminder to me, and what a blessing your blog is!

    I really like your new blog look! It is so well done!