Friday, January 20, 2012

Khloe Facts ~

These are the things I can say for certain.....
so far......

We start every morning in the big red chair watching Sesame Street

She loves her socks......

Loves to take them off that is :-)

They eventually end up in her mouth 
(we will have to stop that as they won't be quite as pleasant down the road)

Blanket or Burp diaper....she loves them on her face.....

...where it stays for a few seconds, then she quickly pulls it away...
Peak a boo with herself!

Her favorite show, Olivia....
I think I'm starting to look forward to the next episode ???

These are little Khloe facts that echo from my heart....most everyday :-)


  1. Debi
    It's plain to see what a blessing Khloe is to you. She is precious!

  2. Words spoken from a grandmother's heart....she is precious!

  3. She is a doll. This seems to be a theme with me today, but I'm envious of those of you who have your grands nearby! :( But very happy for you!

  4. LOVE every single thing about your doll baby, Khloe. Adorable. Thanks for sharing her with us as she grows. Such a blessing!

  5. I am thinking that this precious little one has changed everything in your world, and understandably. She is just the cutest little girl! I know how all the episodes of Olivia end:) Our worlds are similar once again. I really enjoy watching your relationship with her, even when she eats her socks.