Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fear and Ornaments ?

So many are requesting prayers.
Prayers for sick child, for results of the next test to be good.
Fear of regret should a loved one die.
Concern over a daughter's continual bad choices..
A Grandmother who's ex- daughter in law is withholding her grandchildren from her, 
who fears for the children's safety.....
Someone fearful because of job loss.
Someone's marriage on the brink.

It's not by chance my last few days of reading in my favorite daily read "Jesus Calling" have been like this.....

I like the promise that the more we  practice putting our trust in Him, the easier it will be to 
trust Him in our worst of times...

God wants us to put him first.
In Exodus the Israelites rather than waiting on God and worshiping God, 
chose to take off their ornaments, rings and jewelry to make a golden calf to worship.

Those ornaments represent anything we are putting before God.
What is your golden calf?
Job, money, television, sports, clothes, Facebook???

God wants us to put him before all of it.
When we ask, "God why is this happening to me"?
Understand this, God doesn't make the "bad" things happen.....
He will surely use those things in order to get us to remove those ornaments.
He wants us to be in his presence and those ornaments can prevent that.

Personally I have found myself grabbing my coffee and going straight to my
e-mail and or Facebook.
I was much closer to hearing His direction for my life, His comforting ways, 
when I grabbed my coffee and spent time reading His Word.

Possibly we need to re-adjust our schedules, I know I do..........
Remove our ornaments and first get face to face with God.
In His presence.
I read that the word presence in Hebrew is paniym, which
means "face".

As if God wanted us to know we can be face to face with Him,
in His presence!
Daily spending time in His presence.
Daily trusting Him "in our quiet days" and we will
be prepaired to trust Him on those days that are tough to 
let go and trust....

Happy to be praying for those who have asked!

Remove the ornaments and pick up the Word.
this is what echos form my heart today....


  1. So, so true. When I stay close to Him, I have such peace, but when I leave Him to do other things, fear creeps up and grabs me! I don't think anything takes God by surprise and so I should trust Him with whatever comes. That takes hard work! Peeling back the ornaments! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Beautifully written, as always. I needed this tonight. Thank you, sweet friend. ((hugs))

  3. Debi
    This post has really hit home.
    So much wisdom in the devotional you have shared. I wish all my love ones could grasp how much God loves them without condemnation.
    Thanks for sharing your heart!

  4. Well said. We need to keep our tanks full so we are ever prepared for what the enemy throws our way.