Thursday, December 1, 2011

Promises in December and Always ~

"Let God's promises shine on your problems"

                                    ~ Corrie Ten Boom

As we begin the month of December I thought it would be a good reminder
to us all
  that we can rely on the promises of God.
  December, a month and a season
that often times can become difficult, 
often times overwhelming.

For many it's the thoughts of those who are no longer living
among us. 
No longer part of our Christmas traditions.
No longer present to hug and hold on to.
Oh how we miss them.

Sometimes it's our current situation.

Financial issues, especially in a world that 
makes this time about gifts.
It's about time with family and friends.
friends, the Gift is Jesus....

If its a relationship issue,
He never leaves us, He wants
nothing more than a relationship with us.

Health issues of our own, or
genuine concern for another during this time is hard.

The worst, loneliness...
In fact, we can feel alone in any of those situations,
even if we aren't
alone at all.

My hope is as we head into the month of December that all of you will be 
reminded of His promises daily.
Maybe someone around you doesn't know of His promises.
Maybe, we need to be sure they do.

Turn first to Him in every situation.
We are never alone if we are in relationship with Him.

I'm preparing by reading up on those very promises of His.
His promise to be there in every situation.


This is what echos from my heart today..........


  1. I just experienced one of those overwhelming days today! I am going to try and turn to those promises more this month. So thanks!

  2. Beautiful words, Debi. Thank you!