Monday, December 5, 2011

Grammy and Khloe Day One ~

Went to bed excited last night thinking about my first full day with my little Khloe
yet at the same time,
feeling sad for my DIL Katie knowing how difficult it is on that
first day back to work to part with your baby.

This mornings read;
She made me promise not to cry until after she left.
She gave me my instructions for the day
I offered to take a photo of her with Khloe.
The answer was yes to me as I heard her say, 
"lets take a photo on Mommy's first day back to work."

She handed Khloe to me (with a tear on her face) and headed for the door.
I wanted to say, I meant to say, "have a great day and don't worry"...
the words wouldn't come without the risk of me crying for her
but I promised.
All I could get out was, " bye "....

As she drove away our Khloe got an extra long hug.
My thoughts then turned to nothing but Khloe.

She isn't usually up this early....
as the photo below shows,
"can you please just put me down to sleep now".

Down she went and fell fast asleep.......
for 3 1/2 hours.

Woke up happy as a clam !

After several photographs it was time to tune in to Baby Einstein.
Today we were learning to count to five in
Spanish, Italian and Mandarin.
It's gonna take some practice.........

We had our lunch and then had a good hour or so of playing!

I'm fairly sure Khloe knows what to do when she see's the camera....its as if
she were used to it :-)

It's been a great day,
this is what echos from my heart today......


  1. What a precious baby girl!!! I hope your daughter was okay on her first day back....I still remember mine over 30 years ago....I cried whenever anyone mentioned her name!! Does she work full-time? Are you watching her full-time? It's such a blessing...I watch Mason twice a week and I love it!!


  2. Loved this post - she is so adorable! So much fun for you - happy that you are able to share this time with her. Cheryl

  3. Precious!! Especially love the last pic, adorable!!!



  4. I think you had way too much fun! I don't think mommy has to worry about Khloe while she's at work. Beautiful pic's.

  5. Awww.....poor is so hard leaving one for the first time to go back to work! But it looks like Khloe was having a great time! :)

  6. How fortunate your daughter is to have someone like you to let her daughter with. Really, the love and care you give to Khloe, is one of the best gifts you could give her. She is so precious! Thank you for sharing these adorable pictures.