Saturday, October 15, 2011

Change Invites you to the Dance~

Change, it happens and it leaves us different than we were before it occured.

My sweet friend Jane and I were speaking about change.
What really stuck with me?
At 55  I am so different than I was at 45...
boy howdy!!

It's really something to sit and think about where you were ten years ago.
What brought that change about and what actually changed?

For some it might be a move to a new location, a new circle of friends, a divorce, a marriage, a loss, a child born, the last child has moved out, a new hobby, a new career, a faith in something bigger than yourself?

Each of those mentioned bring about change rather you want it or not.

I stopped to think,  make a mental list of the last ten years....this is where consistent journaling would have come in handy :-)

I was one year in to my marriage at the start of the last ten years.
No, we weren't married in these outfits..just us a fun photo from that time :-)

We totally gutted our home, started from the drywall out  brand spanking new.
We experienced living with friends during a portion of this time
We experienced five months of living out of our garage, other than our bed that was inside the incomplete house. So much changed in me during this time...I began to see what really wasn't the house, it was who I was with....that is my home...
Please note, contractors are NEVER done when they say it will be done.

  We experienced the loss of my Mother in law, who was diagnosed and died of cancer all in a months time.
I had the best 30 days staying with this incredible woman and I wouldn't have changed a moment of it.
Two years later we would lose my Father in law who no doubt is still dancing in heaven 
with the love of his life

The  birth of the first grand child, which equated to a overflowing heart and introduced me to the second half of my life. Only to be followed by 5 more kids through the years.
Dominic and Grampy
Grandson Calib with his Aunt Jackie
Grands ~ Julia and Gavin
 Grand daughter Aubrie

Our Army man, son Joseph

Family friend and son Brian.

The joy of my youngest son's marriage, the devastation of his unwanted divorce, and seeing him through it. His ability to take charge of his life depite this change.
The ability I found to pray for her to find future happiness.

The loss of my best friend, my one of a kind Dad whom I still miss everyday.
Dad and his grandchildren :-)

The loss of a job I loved, due to our economy. 

The birth of my Great niece Ruby Lu, born two weeks after the loss of my Dad.  She brought instant joy back into many lives that weren't sure they would ever feel it again the day she was born :-)
The lesson that though one moves on we are then given a new young life to be a part of.
Ruby Lu holding her new cousin Khloe

A broken relationship with a loved one that breaks my heart everyday that passes by, time always noted that is slipping away, time never again to be recaptured.
Faith it will be resolved in God's time....

Learning how to best help my Mom adjust to a life without my Dad, when I wasn't  sure about myself...

The passing of a special friend whom I had lost contact with over the years, which has led me to reuniting with his wife, my friend, through e-mail and person!!

A new and treasured relationship with my sister I love her!
Khloe, Auntie Deanna, and Khloe's dad :-)

Two years of brief retirement with my husband and lots of fun adventures, including many beach days!

The joy of my oldest son's marriage to his wonderful wife Katie, Mommy to the latest and greatest, Khloe.
Katie and Khloe... love this photo.

Three of the grand kids and great niece Ruby await the arrival of Khloe....the new cousin!

The experience of loss, births, relocation, joy, sadness, reconnecting 
and a much larger family all in ten years time.
Something learned from each, and with each, something changed in me.

Finding a Church just down the road from us where we have made some incredible friendships,
with others who like us, are far from perfect,  and who desire to be better.

The biggest change is the growth in our faith, a better knowledge of the infallible Word of God.
 The fact that when God comes first everything, is bearable.  

What I have experienced has changed me, 
it couldn't help but change me. 
Sometimes we just reach a point where we know we have to rely on someone much bigger than ourselves and trust that everything, everything happens for a reason.

Through it all I am more at peace with this life and that which is all around me.
What matters to me now didn't matter as much ten years ago.
Ten years ago I wasn't fully aware of all I was blessed with.

Ten years ago I wasn't  aware of the major losses that were to come.  I never would have guessed I could have survived them,  let alone come out of it a stronger, calmer, happier person than I've ever been. We don't always understand when things change, and its often very difficult.

If I were to wish to change something in days gone by......I may have missed the dance I am now in.
(Thank you Garth Brooks)

Continually being refined  day to day...
Hoping to be far better of a person ten years from now than I am today.....

Blessed beyond measure and thankful for it all.

This is what echos from my heart today .....


  1. Oh Debi
    You have experinced so...much in the last 10 years and sound like you have become a stronger, better person. God is so good to lead us through the tough places and give us more than we ever could have imagined possible!
    Thanks for sharing your own personal journey=it's such a great testimony!

  2. A beautiful post! You have been through so many changes in the last 10 years and it sounds like that you have come through each gracefully and stronger in the Lord!
    I will turn 55 in December and this has me thinking about all the changes I have seen in 10 years!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. How timely and beautifully written. I agree with Sharon that you have come through each event gracefully and stronger in the Lord! What a blessing! I have been through a few of the same things as you...loss of my father last year, loss of a job due to the economy, a new church and new home, son who went through and unwanted divorce (they did eventually remarry and are on the right road but it was tough!!! and still not easy for all of us at times) and especially "The biggest change is the growth in our faith, a better knowledge of the infallible Word of God.
    The fact that when God comes first everything, is bearable. "

    I will be 53 in December! A great time of change and time to dance!!

  4. What's nice is that you're able to look back on all these changes and acknowledge them and appreciate them for helping make you the woman you are today. A very well-written post, indeed! And the fact that your faith is even stronger now is the best blessing of all. [Hugs]