Friday, August 5, 2011

"Wasn't it Time to Fully Live" ?

So I haven't flown in over twenty five years....I'm talking plane not broom for those of you who were thinking it :-)

I have had a horrible fear of's not the possible dead  idea that bothers me, I know where I am going without a doubt.  It's the, when the door closes will there be enough air for me to breathe?  Will I panic? There is no STOP the plane I want to get off........And then there is the terror one would have to experience should a plane go down, on the way down ....that is what has kept me from flying the most.

So my sister Deanna calls one day and says, " I think you should go to Montana for Aunt Wilma and Uncle Ray's Anniversary party, it'll be, me and Mom".  She knows how I feel about flying and told me (again) that I need to get over it, I'm missing out.  My Aunt and Uncle I see every summer when I go to Montana, and they are my favorites!!! Yes, I have favorites in all things other than children and grand children :-) 
 I agree and think to myself what have I done?

My Aunt and Uncle on their wedding day 65 years ago!

That was almost a month ago and I will be boarding a plane at 7:45 A.M. tomorrow.  I have been so busy that I haven't the time to worry about it. 

Then there was all the excitement with Khloe being born and lots of running around this last week, which has helped.....

Most importantly, the book "one thousand gifts" by Anne Voskamp that I have been reading. It has really made me look at things differently......fully in fact.  She, an agoraphobic and went on a plane to Paris, by herself.

 She says in the book as she is conisdering if she can do this,

" if the plane crashes? I have no idea what those seven days in Paris could hold.  I think that's the point."
"Wasn't it time to fully live? "

....and I (debi) think to myself, "why, yes it is time I fully live"....
after all, I am feeling very much alive with the birth of our luv bug....

...then she boards the plane......

"I board, breathe, buckle,, bow my head, and murmur thanks to Him who never takes leave.  It's impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear."

If you know me you know that, I believe that nothing is by chance, nothing....  I know it was God's timing that I was so busy these last few weeks.  I was so happy  about Khloe that I couldn't think of much else.  And, it was not by chance that my dear friend Jane suggested this book to me.  This book that has opened my eyes to really, living fully....

............and then there was my last visit with Khloe last night....
I told her Gram was leaving on a big airplane and I would miss her. 
She assured me everything would be o.k. !

and I believe her.......

"He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears.  He will rejoice over you with joyful songs"
Zephaniah 3:17

....this is what echos from my heart today..........


  1. I'm happy for you, Debi, to have made that decison! Have a wonderful time!

    Look at that little Khloe sayin' "OK". Precious, and she sure is growing.

    God bless, looking forwarding to hearing about your trip.


  2. You will love your trip! Look at it as a adventure! Little Khloe is absolutely precious! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I am afraid of flying too. My sister usually goes with me when I go to California to see the grands. Not sure what I would do without her!

  4. can do it!! Congratulations on your little Khloe...she's adoreable. I too am reading the "One Thousand Gifts" slowly to take it all in. It is making an impact on me too!

    Have a good trip....Connie

  5. Thinking of you, Debi, and I hope you were able to make the trip; having an awesome time!

    Take care.


  6. Fear/faith/fear/faith...I go back and forth with this too. I know in my heart of hearts the truth, but then fear sets in. I like how you shared Ann Voskamp's theory. I wish you the very best time and peace for the journey. I think Khloe is adorable.