Monday, August 29, 2011

Bowls ~ Rescued ......

I think my biggest temptation as far as a possible, must have purchase, would have to be bowls.  There are those that are vintage (my fav), then there are those that have awesome colors or shapes..... or spark a memory of  " the old days ".  Once I see one it's so hard to walk on by without touching....then, as I get further away  I can't get them out of my mind, fighting a magnetic pull back to rescue them from the cold shelves and with thoughts of the many hours they spend just sitting there without a shopper in sight. 

My pulse rate I'm sure is increased, euphoria runs through my body....oh how I love this bowl !! I love the Barefoot Contessa's pantry of bowls and dishes.... how I would love that kind of kitchen storage! I wish it were something smaller that I loved like ....maybe thimbles, stamps or wine would leave me with more storage space or more space to fill :-).

One summer trip to Colorado required making room for two, okay four new finds in our already packed vehicle. It started with this white odd shape bowl/serving dish...."wouldn't this be perfect for asparagus?", "no really can you imagine how awesome asparagus would look in it?" I sometimes must convince others (hubby) of my vision for the future of "the bowl".

Colorado Bowls :-)


                             Above a Colorado bowl I walked away from kicking and screaming, only to be received as a gift for my birthday days later from my BFF......

I have bowl memories such as the tan Tupperware bowls my Dad would serve us the giant scoops of ice cream in.  These are my ice cream bowls. I fill them like my Dad would have and think of him while doing so.

I have memories of the exact bowl my Aunt would  have at every dinner with onions, cucumbers and pepper.
There is the bowl memory of the bowl that Mom used for the boiled potatoes and the dreaded peas.

I have the bowl for macaroni salad or  taco salad. I have the bowl used for salad/popcorn, I have the bowl for cream cheese covered with spicy hot jelly ... a bowl for everything...... I could go on but the topic is bowls after all...not everyone gets it :-)

A gift from our daughter Jackie!

I love,love, love music so I really had to rescue this one from the shelves !

This was my Mom's that she gifted me...I love that it has texture and that it was her's.

A set of three...huge to small....

The middle bowl a gift from my son Mike and D-I-L Katie, I was lucky to find the matching serving bowl and rescue it.

I was reading a blog I follow that happened to have a photo of two vintage bowls that were rescued from a dumpster at an estate sale.  It was love at first sight and an instant idea for blogging! Who in their right mind would throw those beauties in a dumpster?  I confess, I may have did let her know if she should decided to sell them, I would be interested....... I love that she rescued them, obviously a good hearted woman.

This a gift from a it!
These three bowls started it all.  I purchased them from Speigel Catalog when I was 23 years old, a very large purchase for me then.  Thus began my love of bowls.......

New thought:

Animal rescues caught on,
might I start a bowl rescue?
Would he understand if I brought
home yet another bowl, if I prefaced
 said bowls introduction with....
I rescued it?  

Genius!!!! This is what echos from my heart today......


  1. I like that...the idea of rescuing bowls! Vintage bowls are the best.

  2. Loving all of your bowls and I can see why the three bowls from Speigel started it all....

  3. Great bowls! I have two like the red and yellow ones in the first picture and I use them all the time. well that is when I cook. Maybe not all the time! :)

  4. I was excited to learn that you too, like vintage bowls. The three bowls you purchased from Spiegel are my favorite.