Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taking a Break...

My very special friends, last Tuesday I had back surgery (fusion) L4 and L5....back home on Friday...Need to take some time to heal as my sitting time is very limited :-)

Bob is my Nurse :-), I should have some interesting things to write about before long!

I would appreciate any prayers sent my way in regard to healing properly.  Didn't want any of you to think I am ignoring your blogs....I am trying to keep up on reading them.

Thanks for the blog life we share, I love it!!

I suppose Bob too could use some prayers since, I am the patient :-)


  1. Debi, for sure will keep you both in my prayers. Take care, my friend, and heal. God bless! (hugs)

  2. I hope everything is going well and that you have a speedy recovery.

    Above all- rest.
    Thank you for coming by my blog-

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  3. thanks for your words of wisdom....all so right....I think lack of sleep colors everything else....

    Praying you heal fast....

  4. I've missed you! I can't believe you are having to go through this in your life. Another one of my good friends just had the same surgery which gives me a little indication of what you faced. I will definitely be saying a prayer for you and Bob as you go through this together. Hopefully you soon feel better.

  5. Debi. ..praying right now that your back heals up just as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for the annivesary wishes. I am so grateful for such kindness in our blogland.

  6. Today I wanted you to know that I was praying for you. Interestingly enough, another one of my good friends is going through a similar recovery. I think about you when she shares her journey with me. Miss you in blogland.

  7. Oh, I hope all went well and that you'll be blogging soon! :)

  8. Girl, I was so happy to "see you"!! I hope this means you're healing well. Take care, and God bless! ((hugs))