Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aging, me.....

I admit it, I am completely sure that I am aging more than I had previously thought.

My story a quick one....

I have wanted to by a cook book for sometime now (like a year), its called, Williams ~ Sonoma French.  I have plenty of cook books and really didn't think it wise to spend the money on another at this time.  The recipes are those of Diane Rossen Worthington whom I am familiar as I actually own , The Cuisine of California that is hers as well.

Well several days ago I looked up a book someone had mentioned on their blog and while on the Amazon site they reminded me that the cook book I've been wanting is still in my cart :-)  Oh, what the heck, I'm going to order the one so I might as well get that cookbook out of their cart, right?

I have to admit, I was so excited yesterday when it arrived.  I quickly opened it ran my had over the yummy photo on its cover ready to dive in.  But, first things first.  I try to always put my name inside all my books as soon as I get them, so that I did.  Made myself of hot cup of Earl Grey tea and settled down to see just what it was I  might be making soon.  Thirty minutes later or so, I closed the book quite happy with my purchase and into the kitchen I went  to add it to the shelf along of other cook books.

I stack my books according to size so I slipped it in to a couple of spots before I found the one that was just right...yep, I would say it was the perfect fit.  Turns out, I already had the book on my book shelf.....REALLY glad I put my name in it right away as to not  be confused with the one on the shelf owned by someone with the same name as I !

Yes aging me, that is what echos from my heart today....we gotta laugh at this stuff folks!


  1. Well, how about that? Too funny! You know I'm quite a lot older than you, Debi, and when my girls are here, I'm reminded of that. Like tonight, I was standing in the kitchen and my daughter asked me what I said. Hmmmmmm I didn't even know I had said anything! It must be that I talk to myself when they're not here. :) So, yeah, we have to laugh!!

  2. Love this story! I am right with you in your thinking and that is another reason I like you! Just sitting here with a smile.

  3. OH I love this little story. How soon we forget. I've done that with magazines from time to time. I have put the "new" one down on the coffee table right beside it's twin. I just shake my head. At least I can regift as I don't put my name in my magazine collections.
    Maybe you can creatively add .. ."with love from" before your name.

  4. sounds so like something I would do.....

    So glad that you stopped by...Happy Sunday

  5. LOL! I have done that too. So when I did it the last time, I had a giveaway on my blog and sent the duplicate book to the winner.

    That looks like a wonderful book.

  6. Oh, that is too funny! Whenever you are ready to part with one of them...I'll throw my name in the hat.