Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sew, Today I Found Some Treasures !

Sewing Box Dad made ...
Today I was sorting through everything that came out of my guest bedroom.  I was deciding what would be going back in it, what would be given away and what to toss.

 I came across the  sewing box that my Father made in the 7th grade, something I of course treasure.  I took a seat on the couch to see what it was I had stored in it.

I came across a church camp photo from the early 70's, lots of young men with long hair and young high school girls with long blond (for the most part) hair parted down the bangs.  Made me smile thinking of the great times at Cedar Lake Church Camp.

I then pulled out this little sweat shirt that was my Son Mike's (he's soon to be 34).  It looks bigger than it is, it's  only about 11" long.  I thought to myself that I would have to make sure my grandchild (due to arrive in August) whom we are referring to as "taquito" for the time being will one day wear it too.

I'm accenting my guestroom with red....when I pulled out my varsity letter and graduation tassel I thought, I could surely use that big red "R" somewhere in the room.  Probably not.

I went to Redondo High in Redondo Beach CA.... I loved my High School and the four years I spent there.  I was awarded the varsity letter for my three years of keeping football stats for the team.  As I type this I am also reminded that my senior year the Varsity team went 0-9.... :-(
Some very quite bus rides home on the team bus!

My favorite finds were the Valentine cards I had saved.  This one with the little dog on it was the best.  I opened it thinking it was from a classmate in grade school, possibly.  Nope, it read;
 To Deb ~ Love Dad . Oh my, can I tell you how glad I am that I saved this little Valentine.  Tells you how much I loved my Dad, as a grade school kid I made the choice to save it!!  Yep, I'm still smiling ......

This next Valentine was from my youngest son really filled my heart to read the front..... I was indeed his first Valentine :-) Such a cute little boy he a good looking young man. Is this getting to mushy????

We can change the mood.
This card is from my son Mike on a Mothers Day.  He crossed out one name and and wrote Bill Clinton :-)  That's my Mike for those of you who don't know his humor. I mean come on, taquito??? On the inside he thanked me for folding his laundry when he came over to do it and for letting him eat here from time to time....those little things  done by a Mom don't go unnoticed..

This one was such a sweet find, and again, sooooo glad I kept it.  This is a kleenex rolled up and tied with a yellow piece of yarn.  I unrolled it to read; I love you Mom, Brian....

Last but not least this collection of my son's baseball pins that I the Mom occasionally wore on a coat to their games..
Think I will turn these over to them so they can share some good team stories with their children someday.

This was not a find but it is a bit of a treasure.  These are the drawers from the dresser in my guest bedroom that Bob is in the process of painting. This was his dresser as a child, yes,  I asked him if that meant it was an antique?
No comment....

Was such a great day full of memories I could touch!

This is what echos from my heart today....


  1. Memories.....what makes us us! Great sewing box!

  2. It has been way too long since I have had the privilege of spending time here visiting your beautiful, meaningful, and inspiring blog. First of all, the new look is so pretty! I like the new banner and the new color. Secondly, I have really enjoyed reading down through each word of your last five posts. As I have said before, you continue to amaze me with your ability to share your heart in writing. I find it easy and inspiring to read what you write, and find myself agreeing with you in my heart. A few of the thoughts that I want to share after reading your posts;
    ~Congratulations on the upcoming birth of another grandchild for you, your son and his wife in August. So happy for you!
    ~Ruby stole my heart. What an adorable little girl!
    ~Can't wait to see your newly decorated guest room. Yellow is a warm color.
    ~I like how you compared the redo of the room and the paint colors with each of our lives.
    This post was so beautifully shared.
    ~Your sentimental finds when going through your possessions. Loved the cards from your dad and from your sons. Precious memories.
    Thanks for blogging and thank you for your kind comments on my blog. You are a blessing to me!
    I also really like your family pictures on the side bar of your blog. Certainly a good looking family!

  3. #1 - we cannot ever be too mushy when it comes to our children and grandchildren! :)

    Such wonderful finds, and beautiful memories. I have my mom's old cedar chest, and every now & then, I take a few hours to search through it. Love letters from both my parents when he was gone with the Navy. I KNOW, I shouldn't have read them, but they are precious.

    Have a wonderful day, and I'm SO glad I found you! God bless.

    Oh, and let me not forget I'm very happy for you all about taquito. :)

  4. What a wonderful chest full of treasures!! You even brought back some memories for me. I graduated in 1971, so long straight hair parted down the middle, was a given. I was a cheerleader in HS, and my team had not won a game for 3 years straight until the last football game of the season my senior that was a wonderful bus ride home!