Friday, July 22, 2016

Friendship and Facebook ~

an interesting place.
My Facebook page is just that, mine.
If you are a "friend" of mine on Facebook you will see my posts.
You will see them if you come to my page, you will possibly see them on your
news feed of friends.

I did not ask or accept you as a friend because we agree on things.
Not because we have the same faith or political views.
It happened because I chose to have a connection with you, 
or because you wanted to connect 
with me.

I share on my page, my thoughts, my ideas, my highs and lows,
my grandchildren and children.
My vacation logs, photographs, verse that may lift me up and therefore
I share in hopes it may do the same for one of you.

I read your posts not because you have the same views as I, 
but because I'm interested in your thoughts and views.
You may be a great white hunter, you may own a gun.
I don't get  hunting and I don't like guns.
I will not lecture you on hunting, it does not determine how I feel about you.
I will not tell anyone they don't have a right to own a gun.
We are free to make our own decisions, and to have differing thoughts on the issue.
It interests me what my "friends" think and why.

What I won't do is begin to tell you why your thoughts or feelings are wrong, or how misinformed you are.
Why, because they are just that, your thoughts and feelings.
I have a respect of others and I have no desire to disrespect you in anyway.

I'm aware politics is a tough issue especially this election year... 
If I hear a political person speak and they strike me as genuine, I will state just that.
Guess what you don't have to feel the same, I am not trying to convince any one about any thing.
 I do not want any inappropriate photos or language on my page and if
it occurs I simply delete them.

I frequently add to my posts,
"this is my opinion you don't have to agree, no haters please, this is not a debate, just my thoughts and feelings on my page."

I've read  that means I expect you to agree with me or you shouldn't post.

Let me be clear.
I am not asking you to respond in like/agreement.
I do not expect nor do I want friends that only agree with my views.
It means I don't want to risk someone insulting me or others on my page.
I do not like confrontation on Facebook or otherwise.
I would never dream of going on someones page and ripping them for their views,
nor will I inform them how ridiculous their thoughts or views are.
I will not post negative remarks on your page and I do not want negative on mine.
The world has more than enough negative, I do not wish to add to it.

 After listening to Ben Carson recently I posted,
"Ben Carson, truth."
I was later quoted as saying "Amen to Mr. Carson's claim of Hilary is with Lucifer."
My comment was, based on I believe Mr. Carson is truthful.
I do know when someone is using a figure of speech versus literal.
Please know, Lucifer has been around much longer than Hilary.
Please don't read into what I write, I won't read into what you write.
If you want clarification it's why we have messenger, for private conversation.

I for sure don't attempt to convince anyone my party is "the Christian party."
I happen to be a Christian and we happen to have more in common than not.
Because I am a Christian does not mean I believe any one person is a Christian because they say 
they are. I don't claim to know anyone's heart. 

I do not believe all the actions, words and views of my party are in alignment with the teachings of Christ.
I do not look to politicians for that.
I have a Bible for that.

I am a Christian it does not mean I am anti anyone.
I am a Christian, I am not perfect nor do I want others to believe I think I am.
I am very flawed, I am trying to find my own way in this life as I trust your are as well.
For me I found a better way and that is Christ.

I don't insist you share my beliefs politically or spiritually.
Friendship for me is not based on us agreeing on everything.
I want my friends to be true to themselves and I respect that very much.

If me living my truth on Facebook upsets you, 
I will not be offended if you choose to remove me as your Facebook friend. 
I will not think poorly of you, rather that matters to you or not.
I accept you as a fellow human being and I desire to be sure you sense that I respect you.

Some I know are saying, it's why I don't like Facebook, it's why we don't speak of
faith or political views.
I don't always agree with that...I sense hearing others thoughts help us to know each other
better. Not to convince others to change their ways to match mine. 

I am on Facebook because I love being in touch with a large extended family, with 
classmates that matter to me because we have our awesome Alma Mater in common. 
With friends old and new....
I enjoy seeing your families, sharing in your successes. 
I love that I know you are in a struggle and I can then
pray for you as you go through that time. 
I'm here because I genuinely love others right where they're at rather I agree with you or not.
You matter to me.

I don't discuss politics in person unless I am asked my thoughts.
I do not push my faith off on anyone, it's a very personal choice to be respected
rather we agree or not.

a  place I can be myself.
A place where friends and acquaintances will know my thoughts and views
in order to know more about who I am.
It is not in order to be friends only if we agree on all things.

I have read much that I strongly disagree with on the pages of others.
It isn't grounds for friendship or not.

Facebook for me is keeping in touch with others
 without it that would  nearly be impossible...

Just a friend needing to share her thoughts this Friday morning...
My intent is never to offend or have conflict with anyone for any reason.

Its what echos from my heart today....


  1. Awesome! This is exactly how I feel, except I do sometimes task politics befit being asked. Haha. Can I share this with my friends?

  2. Awesome! This is exactly how I feel, except I do sometimes task politics befit being asked. Haha. Can I share this with my friends?

  3. Debi, this is a wonderful post, and even though we've never met I believe I know your heart as I think you know mine. Yes, there are times that I "unfriend" someone who is harsh or critical. We all have our own minds, and can make decisions on our belief's. I enjoy FB mainly because I get to see pics and keep in touch with family who don't live where I do.
    Love you bunches!

  4. Very well thought out and prepared post! I agree 100%