Thursday, November 12, 2015

For the First Time Ever ~

Feeling a bit inspired to try new things?
This was a banner week for first time ever stuff, starting with Yoga.
Never taken a Yoga class prior to this week and I have taken three!
Not a fan of Yoga speak which one instructor used plenty of, I just replaced
my own words those of the instuctor. 
I don't have a third eye (?) 
a lotus flower between my eyebrows is not my foundation.
I have two eyes, and if something is between them I need tweezers :-)
My foundation is found only in Christ.

I'm not trying to be critical of the practice, I just modify it to work for me.
I found myself in many positions that I actually could not get out of,
other than just falling gently to one side. I'm sure it was comical to some....

I actually had some very sore muscles so it for sure is a work out.
I purchased a yoga mat and bag, and yoga socks, going to continue as long as
I feel it benefits me....the stretching and relaxation that came with it is great.

On Veterans day I spent the day with my favorite veteran,
we hit the gym and then off to the golf course.
We didn't actually play as those behind me would not have been at all happy.
I practiced my swing (a lot) and actually got pretty comfortable with it.
I will admit, if I had to say after day one, it may not be the sport for me...
I spent most of the hot time in the sun imagining a
 shaded golf cart and a nice cold drink
in my hand ;-)

Then we moved on to chipping and putting.
With the condition of my back, being bent over just enough to kill my lower
back was required.
We ran into a friend who took the time to advise me for a good amount of time.
Bless his heart, he had to be so frustrated with me....but he hung in there as did I.

At the end of the day,
well, lets just say my body was feeling three days of Yoga and my attempt to learn golf.
I'll continue to learn the sport of golf, with a deep desire to just drive a golf cart
with a cold drink in hand.

This all got me thinking, perhaps I should start creating a list of things I want to try.
It won't be anything like jumping out of a plane or flying one, lets not get too crazy.

Any first time things you would like to try?
I would love to hear about them.

First times, it's what echos from my heart today...


  1. You know what, my sweet Debi, I have always wanted to jump out of a plane! Of course, I'd want a written guarantee that my landing would be SOFT. :)

    We need video's please of you doing yoga. No, seriously, then I could learn from you. hahaha

    Gold was my mom's "thing" although she didn't get to go as often as she would have liked. I tried it once, and did pretty good. Of course, that was at Putt Putt. LOL

    Hope you're having a blesse day!

  2. There's a lot of things I'd like to try...
    I like taking yoga as a way of praying & centering my mind with God - yep, make your own terminology wth it :)

  3. I started playing golf when I was 12--my Mom taught me. I tried Yoga. I really can't think of one single "first time" thing I want to do. If there was, I would have done it by now. Not one thing left on the list in my bucket. Maybe that's a good thing? I am satisfied with my life? Now, it seems, I am waiting for my last First Time thing. Waiting for God to come and take me home. Now that is going to be some trip!!!

  4. You have me laughing...about your desire to drive the golf cart with a drink in hand rather than actually chasing the golf balls. I'm still thinking I will manage to get through life without golfing (though I have done the putting course a few times). Do you think there will be golf in heaven. I'm hoping for tennis! All the best with your new endeavors!

  5. I know a lot of folks that do Yoga but it's something that I have never done. I've heard that it is very good for flexibility so I should probably do it. Yes, driving the golf cart is as close as I will get to playing golf too. Golf is just too slow for me. I use to play tennis but haven't in years now. Happy new week!

  6. Hello Debi, it's so nice to ;meet" you! I just happened upon your lovely place here in our blogging community, and so happy that I did. :-)
    Reading about your adventure with yoga had me in stitched, of course the image helped with that. I enjoy doing Pilates, but boy was it difficult at first. I too would find myself just rolling over like a dog in discomfort trying not to look as if I was in pain or that I wasn't able to handle it. All in Finn of course. Speaking of course, I enjoyed your golfing adventure as well. Lol
    I love that you love God and family, and look forward to following along with you here.

    Have a most blessed day~~ Debbie

  7. Sigh...spell check, it gets me every time!! :-)
    I should have proof read before hitting the button.
    Sorry. :(