Monday, October 12, 2015

What's the Rush?

I'm not sure why it surprises me ever year that right next to the blow up pools that are now on sale
(we splurged for three) in August, are all things fall and next to it Christmas decor!
I mean can't we just enjoy the month we're in what's the rush?
Are we a society that is in such a hurry that we need to decorate for an October holiday as soon
as August comes to an end?

Typically, I decorate for a holiday once the month of the holiday arrives.
Once it's officially February (insert hearts), Spring, Fall, and Happy Birthday Jesus month. 
Not before.

Seeing it up in stores so early kinda stresses me out, as if its 
shouting I need to hurry!!!!
I don't want to hurry.
The days of hurry are gone for me.
I missed too much of the good in life because of the hurry syndrome. 

I confess I started Christmas shopping in September, quite leisurely I might add.
 We have cut back on that holiday budget, most of us have more than we need.
 I try and buy a little something that I know a person might love..
I prefer sailing into the holiday without the rush of having to rush to shop.
It's much more fun for me this way :-)

I was curious so I looked up the word rush...
 In red is how I see it....
verb: rush; 3rd person present: rushes; past tense: rushed; past participle: rushed; gerund or present participle: rushing
  1. 1.
    move with urgent haste.
    Urgent haste....okay, in an emergency I will rush.
  2. 2.
    dash toward (someone or something) in an attempt to attack or capture them or it.
    I did run the 50 yard dash in 6th grade... 
    I captured my hubby, though he was willing to be caught....

    I've been known to dash toward the voice of a grandchild as they wake from a nap, 

    in order to get them first.

noun: rush; plural noun: rushes
  1. 1.
    A sudden quick movement toward something, typically by a number of people.
     Seriously, I'm 59 (not rushing to 60) there are no longer quick movements to speak of. 
     Doing so would likely cause some type of injury and then I would
     (see verb) be in an urgent hast to get to an E.R.
That said, no Turkeys until the Halloween candy is gone... (may possibley rush to help finish it) 
Turkeys are for November.
No Ho Ho man or Elf on a shelf until December.
No colored Eggs until we receive the invite to my sister Deanna's for Easter Brunch.

I do fly my flag everyday,
I do not wait for Flag Day, or the anniversary of 9/11
I thank Veterans each time I see one,
I don't wait for Veterans day.
Neither are a rush, just habits I wish to keep.

If in a rush  = I'm not enjoying the moments.

I confess, I will rush toward a big Papa bowl of Rocky Road Ice Cream....
and enjoy everymoment!

Avoiding the rush, its what echos from my heart today.


  1. I'm so with you. I don't get how much it gets pushed now. I remember Christmas was never mentioned till Thanksgiving... & now, that its the beginning of OCTOBER? What about October & November... each has their own special times. This is one of the reasons why I don't care for the holidays... which reminds me to do the post on why I don't like them :) haha

  2. Like you, I've noticed the "rush" and it seems the more time goes on the earlier we see the holiday displays. Kind of turns me off! I don't "look at" Thanksgiving and Christmas items until it's closer to the holiday. But, it still steams me to see it out there. Yes, what's the "rush"? :)


  3. Oh I have a feeling you won't find many who don't agree. Everything is "hurry hurry" these days. And trying to squeeze SOOOO much activity into too little of time as well, leaving little ones especially [us getting older folks too, lol] feeling a little overwhelmed. I'd love to SLOW everything down. I DO work on Christmas starting in July as I hand make soo many of my gifts and it is does take a while. But I love it. And my goal is always to be done by the first of December [don't always make it] so I can leisurely go through the month enjoying the moments. We are cutting back on our other gifts this year too which I am hoping will eliminate alot more of the shopping. Noe, don't do a lot of rushing these days, and wish I had done a lot less when I was younger! Have a good week!

  4. You're so right about the 'rush', but I admit I do get caught up in the excitement sometimes. I also admit that it can be very stressful. I do like your philosophy and I'm going to try to simply enjoy the moment, too. Blessings to you... :)

  5. Oh, Debi, think you resonated with all of us. I CANNOT stand to rush or hurry and always allow myself enough time that I do not have to, if at all possible. We live in such a rushed society. A great post!

  6. I'm with you...let's enjoy the moment rather than always rushing ahead! It was turkey time over here this weekend...Canadian Thanksgiving!