Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday!

Joining up with Rebecca Jo over at a reminder to consider all there is to be thankful for.  Focus on that rather than whatever may be weighing you down!

Today I am reminded of how thankful  I am for antibiotics. The hubstir came down with the flu 3 weeks following my shoulder surgery.  His flu turned in to pneumonia and a good old Z Pac along with Steroids has brought him to a much better place in a little over a week.

I'm thankful that at least  two of my grandchildren live close by.  When I'm with them I'm in a constant state of thankfulness. How lucky Grandparents are that live by all of their grands!

Thankful for a little PBS Masterpiece series called Downton Abbey.  As of last night I am at last caught up with my fellow followers of the series. Since surgery the hubstir and I have watched all five seasons, we were committed :-)

I know it has it's downside but I am thankful for Facebook and the ability it gives me to reach so many of my friends and family.

Continuing to be thankful.....


  1. Thankful for those who remind me to be thankful. :)

  2. Downton is so much fun to watch...
    You're right. i complain a lot about medicines but youre right - they do amazing things really. I should be more thankful for them.
    You are definitely blessed to have your grandbabies near.
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. So glad the Z pack helped your husband. That's one that usually works for me also. I hope he didn't have to stay on the steroids too long. I'm finally finished with mind, so I'm very thankful! :)

    Hardly anyone I know, and have known since our school days, have great grandchildren! Seriously, that really makes me feel OLD! LOL But, you know my only living grandchild is Brittney and she'll be 28 in June. I'm thankful for her, and the three greats I have. And, yes so glad they don't live too far away.

    I hope your shoulder is doing much better.