Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Minute ~ OZ

Been awhile since my last post, but here I am with no promises of consistency in my future blogging :-)

Shoulder issues (possible rotator cuff) have slowed down everything so leaves little time to blog.
I've missed this community and hope to catch up with each of you!

Wanted to stop in and at minimum share the Halloween photos of Khloe and Ellery.

Warning, the cuteness is off the charts!

My love of The Wizard of Oz only added to the news they would dress as Dorthy and the Lion :-)

Told ya!

These beautiful little ones, no words to express the joy they add to my life.
It's what echos from my heart today....


  1. oh my goodness! Perfectly adorable! Seriously soo cute, lol. Hope your shoulder gets to feeling better soon. I've missed you!

  2. OH MY HEART!!! The cuteness overload is getting to me. That is just the best!!!

  3. Oh, my, they are adorable and that Lion is possibly the cutest I've seen this year. So, so sorry about your shoulder. I've been there done that with a frayed tendon 6 years ago and lived through shoulder surgery but it was not a picnic for sure. But, my shoulder has never been better if that's any consolation. :o)) Happy week!

  4. Oh, they are so... adorable Debi.
    What a blessing to have them so near by!

  5. You're absolutely right - the cuteness - they are SO adorable!

    I sure hope your shoulder problems can be fixed, Debi. That must hurt
    so terribly. Bless you.

  6. Oh what wonderful costumes. They look sooo cute. I hope you feel better and I will keep you in my prayers. Have a blessed day... :)

  7. Truly is cuteness off the charts!

    As for you Debi, I am sorry you are having shoulder issues. My mother is too, and I know how painful it can be. Saying a prayer for you. Thanks for sharing each one of these adorable pictures. My favorite, is the last one.

  8. Thinking about you this morning. Just wanted to let you know:)

  9. I must say Dorothy and the Lion have never been quite so cute!
    Hope your shoulder issues turn out to be something simple! I have really no excuse for not blogging except that I may be out of words!