Monday, August 19, 2013

Keeping Things Straight, Or Not ....

Do you have trouble with memory?
I do and it seems to be worse when I have lots on my mind.

I actually keep two calenders, 
one in the kitchen/living area and one in the office.
I try to check a calender prior to answering a question as to 
availability on a particular day...
as to not double book,
just plain old so I won't forget.

Memory loss stinks,
I've always tried to hang on to my most treasured memories
such as when my son's were little.
Of late I try to keep fresh in my mind, the sound of my Mom and Dad's voices.
How soft Mom's hands were had strong Dad's hugs were.
Those which I hope to never forget.
It's all the day to day's .....

It's been a busy few months with the hubstirs two surgeries, the follow ups and trying to stay on top 
of the household day to days, and little things he was not able to do.
  Add to the mix several Doctor appts. for myself, Pilates classes to strengthen this 
tired body, hair appointments, monthly meetings, travel plans for two separate trips, staying on top of 
the bills, the laundry, social dates such as book club and our dinner group, retreat planning meetings...
 Of course, I'm always trying to be available to watch the sweet beans when needed.
Time with her makes everything better,
 I'm glad to see that her parents get time alone for each other.

You get the picture of busy, I'm sure I'm not alone.

My poor memory is exactly why I try and write a thank you note as soon as I have
someone to thank.
I never want to forget to thank someone that has done something special for me,
it's very important to me that I always remember to do so.

I'm not complaining about all that fills my calender, it's just
really bothering me lately.
 I'm finding myself so frustrated when I mix things up,
 miss an appointment, which I did twice in one week....
 then gave wrong dates out for a particular event, geeze......
Sometimes it's scary on top of frustrating!

Looking to empty my mind of that which is just taking up space in my memory bank.
I'm told we hang on to a bunch of junk we don't need :-)
Please don't think of me as crazy,
my memory just stinks.

You think it frustrates you when someone is always forgetful ?
What do you imagine it does to the one doing the forgetting?

Going to be praying for clarity in all things,
praying for the ability to remember all I need to remember,
and the ability to empty out all I don't need.

Thankful I'm not loved based on the ability of my memory :-)

 I welcome any ideas for improvement!

Wanting a better memory is what echos from my heart today.....


  1. I understand even though I'm not busy like you are. But, it is frustrating to try and write a word I've known all my life, and have to think how to spell it.

    One of my problems has been not remembering much about my childhood; I've even been to a point of thinking to go to a hypnotist. Of course, I'd never do it. For some reason God doesn't deem it necessary that I do remember.

    Other than that, most of my 'not remembering' is in the form of recent events like trying to think what day it is or the date. I'm quite a bit older than you, Debi but I do understand!

    So, as you gather from what I've written, I don't have any ideas to help you. LOL


  2. Dear friend,I am right with you and I too have the same prayer request to my Heavenly Father. This post helped me realize that it is not just me. Wow! I had no idea that your husband faced surgeries. I sure do hope he is soon back to new again. Remember, we are all in this together, whether we have a memory or not:)