Monday, March 11, 2013

A Healthy Helping of Beans ~ and a Change is Coming!

My Sweet Beans, Khloe will become 
a big sister in September!!
We are all so excited.
All of a sudden Khloe looks so big to me...
I suppose it's due to the thought of a newborn,
I mean,
wasn't she just a new born ???
So today I'm providing you all a healthy dose of Beans!
Okay, so it's for me
but you can watch :-)
If you've seen enough ~ exit now :-)

She is at the stage where she likes to play
pretend with her dolls and stuffed animals.

She loves this little mask I paid .99 for :-)

Her best buddies, Doc McStuffins and Toto.

She felt the baby need a cell phone....

I just love her in hats....
One day soon I hope to be showing off her hair.
So far,
 not so much......

She loves the camouflage fishing hat her Daddy brought her from his business trip....

Notice the photo below,
her looking to see if I can see what she's doing
without really looking at me....she has this look a lot lately....

You know your short on one end when your high tops almost touch your mini skirt :-)

We recently got in to building indoor like her Daddy was.

I was surprised to look over and see her sitting on my new couch and realized how big it is,
 so when 
I want her little I sit her on the couch!!

Today she arrived to some new friends.....Spring is knocking on the door.

A welcome kiss to each bunny she spied throughout the house....

I feel better after that good dose of the sweet beans....

Enjoying every moment with her one on one....
a change is coming.....

Full heart, it's what echos from my heart today!!


  1. How exciting...that Chloe is to be a big sister soon. Sharing in your joy...from afar!

  2. Now, that little Khloe is adorable and precious. I love the hats too on her too!!

    Congrats on another baby on the way. You're gonna be busy, girl. Rest up!!


  3. Oh, what wonderful news!!! She's so darling and I'll bet she's going to love being a big sister (after the jealousy subside!) :) You new couch is so pretty!!!

  4. What great news! I am so very happy for you. What a sweetheart she is! The pictures are just adorable! The stuffed animals are so white and fluffy. I am so glad that I stopped here today.

  5. Such exciting news! The love just grows and grows!!

  6. Think of you!
    Hope all is well.


  7. If she isn't precious! The Converse tennis shoes are just the BEST!!!!

  8. Happy Blessed Easter, Debi to you and all the family. :)


  9. Just checking in on you Debi. It's been awhile. :)

  10. Checking again, sweet Debi. I hope all is well.