Friday, November 9, 2012

Leaving Lonely and Finding Hope ~

Just not feeling that thankful and cheerful......

It's nearing  that time of year we refer to as the holiday season.
At time of thankfulness and good cheer.
Not so for everyone.
This is a time of year when many are at there loneliest.
When you can't think of a thing to be thankful for, 
your missing someone so much it's erased the word cheer from your vocabulary.
Have you ever been there? 
Maybe you are now?

Your alone and nobody could possibly understand just how alone you are.
A long winters nap that would allow you to escape from this time of year?
Wake me up in January....long after the New Year's celebration...what's to celebrate?

I've been there and hope to never return to it!
It can be a very painful place to be.
More so if you are without companionship, but let it be can be just as lonely while in a relationship.

It always helps if you have a group of people in your life that will encourage you.

God can use this time to train us to depend on Him first!
He is inviting us to depend on Him.
This is the best time to begin journaling if you don't already.
Soon you can read back and see that you have made progress, you 
can see what God did when maybe you were unaware.

We aren't always aware of His presence.
However the Bible tells us in 

Matthew 28:20;

"I am with you always (not sometimes),
even tell the end of time."

Focus on that fact, not what your feeling.

Philippians 4:13;

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me"

all things not some things.

Keep your focus on God's promises, read His Word,
reach out to others rather than isolate yourself.
If you will seek Him you will be comforted and 
gain the strength and courage to see it through.

If God brings you to it, 
God will bring you through it.

I remember at one time feeling so low that nothing and no one 
could bring me out of it.....a point of no return from sad and lonely.
Of course I failed to allow God in, 
I failed to reach out to Him.
I failed to realize God had a plan for my life,
and He has one for you too!

If this is speaking to you, then God has just used me in a special way!
Praying for all who read this,
He can do what no other can.

it's what echos from my heart today.


  1. "Hope" can make all the difference, and I thank God everyday that He has blessed me with that amazing gift. My hope diminishes when my viewpoint is horizontal and not vertical. So quickly, I can be pulled down. What a special way for you to share "hope" with the blogging world.

  2. I too have hope through the Savior.

    1. Mary so glad you stopped by....even happier you have hope through our Savior....
      Loved your photos of the arch!!!


  3. Awww...what a nice post, Debi. I know a few friends of mine who can/will benefit from reading this. Would it be ok if I printed this one and gave it to one of them? If not, that's ok too. :-)

  4. Please feel free any time to print....glory to God not me :-)

    Hugs Debbie!!

  5. So many people could relate to this post, Debi; perhaps even every single one of us at one time or another.

    Thank you for this poignant post.

    Love ya!