Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Say it Now~

For starters can I just say
my California summer should be over right?
In a nutshell my summer has been like one continuous
 Just last week we reached 100 and it's October....well into October.
Today is a wonderful 63 degrees with a light rain, 
I can do this!
Early in October we were part of a family celebration of my brother in law Mickey's 70th birthday.

That's Mickey in his dream car :-)

Two of his daughters, his sister and brother and sister in law from Oregon were also at the surprise celebration.
After we all enjoyed our meal together we went around the table and shared with Mickey
exactly what he meant to us.
Needless to say there were some emotional moments.
He was told what his financial words of wisdom has meant to many.
He was told what a giving, caring man he is and has been.
Personaly, I thanked him for all he did to help my family during the loss
of my Father and more recently my Mom.  There really were no adaquate words to describe
what it has meant to me. 
The next day we all met down on the beach for brunch.
I shared with Mickey a thought I had the night prior.
" Do you realize what a gift you were given?"
I told him he was fortunate to hear what he has meant to those closest to him. 
The things we generally say at a eulogy that most never hear,
were spoken to him around a dining room table.
What a gift to hear those you love express their gratitude and appreciation of you.
Often we hear where we have failed someone in some way, 
rarely do others share what we mean to them.
Do not mistake my point,
I'm not suggesting we be praised and placed on a pedestal for the things we do,
it shouldn't be the motive for doing.
I do because I love.

I am suggesting that in general how awesome it would be if we let others know,
while still with a beating heart and strong pulse,
what they mean to us.  
A Eulogy is great for letting others know about a lost loved one,
but we can tell that loved one now just what they mean to us.

I'm challenging you to tell those around you what they mean to you.
Put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) or bless them with your heart felt words 
of thanks, gratitude and appreciation.

My Father made a point to thank his trash man and postman every year at Christmas with 
a card and a little something for each.

I think you would be blessed if you tried this and see for yourself just how much it means to;
a family member, the crossing guard, the custodian, the policeman, a teacher, your pastor, 
your friends and neighbors....the list is endless.

Paul in the New Testament made a habit of letting those around him know that
they were appreciated.

To Timothy, 
" I thank God, whom I serve with a clear conscience the way my forefathers did, as I constantly remember you in my prayers night and day" (2 Tim. 1:3)

Imagine how it would be to hear such a thing?
Gratitude was a big part of Paul's life....
I'm thinking that gratitude should be a bigger part of our daily lives.
Who is responsible for some of your more memorable moments?
Who was there for you in your darkest hour, do they know what that meant to you?
Who encouraged you, provided guidance and support when you really needed it?
Who can you thank for the smallest of things they do to provide a service for you?

Maybe its time to make it a habit of noticing the grace, gifts and time given, that you receive.
Actions do speak louder than words, but oh what a special thing it is to hear it too!
Let me say at this point, 
a big heartfelt
thank you for those of you that have left messages and let me know you were thinking of me
 or missed me in blog land. It's been a challenging several months to say the least.
I just can't tell you how awesome I think you are for taking the time to do so...
Now I'm off to write a few thank you notes....this is what echos from my heart today.


  1. You are right Debi! And while I am at it, I want to let you know how much I learn from you, even though I never met you in person. You continually inspire and refresh me, with every visit here. You are real! You are transparent and you are outspoken in your love for our Heavenly Father. I always leave here feeling so thankful for you.

  2. Wow, what a great idea, Debi. Why wait until someone has passed away? I'm going to make an effort to say thanks more often. And even to send out a few thank you cards to some very special people.

    I loved your brother-in-law's cake, by the way!! :-)