Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Too Busy ?

Maybe a snails pace is needed...time away from the "busy".

What are our busy lifestyles taking away from?

Our busyness can take away from many things,
like time alone with God.
A God who wants us to experience the freedom and the peace
that we get by  knowing Him intimately..

In order to get to know Him we have to spend time with Him.
Really no different than getting to
know anyone else.
A relationship doesn't grow if we don't put in the time it takes
to really know that person.

In order to experience God fully and hear His voice we can't be constantly busy.
Running errands, working, cleaning, children, church,
connecting with friends and extended family and the list goes on, right?

Can we turn off the phone, ignore the text, turn off the television
really spend sometime with Him?

It's easy to get wrapped up in the busy, volunteering more time than we have.
Time with God is the most important time we can spend.
Set a time that daily is just to focus on Him....do all you can to ensure
total peace and quiet....It doesn't have to be a long time...it just needs to happen.
Once the habit is created....you will find you want more time with Him!

Time with Him is how you can really experience Him,
and see what He can do in your life.
Reading the Bible (His Word) is where you learn about God's character.
Like anyone we spend time with
we want to discover their character right?

He will bless you in more ways than you can imagine.
Willing to take the time and see?

You have everything to gain!
This is what echos from my heart today......


  1. Beautiful post, Debi!



    (I had to sign in anonymous, but whatever works, right?) :)

  2. I so agree Debi. Individual time with GOD is more precious that anything else we have going on. Thank you for the reminder.


  3. So true Debi!! We sure do have a lot in common and would love to meet up with you someday soon!!