Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Sacrifice was Worth it !

Ideally I always wanted to be home with and for my kids and I had many years 
that I was able to do so. 
This required  a lot of sacrifices.

We didn't go to fancy restaurants too often, we didn't go anywhere on vacations.
Instead we hung out at home, the beach, or a short weekend trip somewhere local.

We had lots of meals shared with neighbors, we played cards, Pictionary, Scrabble.
We had lots of neighbor hood barbecues and parties...

Instead of going to the movies we rented a movie made some popcorn 
piled on the couch in our pajamas and enjoyed the movie!

My son's didn't wear designer clothes and if they wanted the outrageously priced
Air Jordan basketball shoes,
they made up the difference of my shoe allotment and the cost of Mr. Jordan'$ shoes.

We bought them new bikes up until age 10 or so.
When they didn't take care of them.... well,
after that they bought their own and no surprise
took better care of the ones they paid for!

They didn't have phones of there own.
If they wanted the privilege of driving they had to pay for their own insurance.
This worked out well for me because I preferred they spend time playing the sports
they loved that took so much time, and focused on their grades.
I knew they would be working the rest of their lives so I wanted them to enjoy
their youth rather than working part time to pay for insurance.
Not to mention, I was very nervous with the thought of a 16 year old behind a wheel.
It was almost stress free by the time they started driving
........a little more maturity went a long way.

So were the sacrifices worth it?
They both have good jobs, good work ethic, and  take nice vacations.
I don't believe either to this day care about the label on an article of clothing.

They take care of what they work for.
They have great stories of different sports teams they were on.
Great stories of championship games, tournament victories and defeats.
They have memories of their childhood and youth.....
They learned good life skills from many of their coaches and teachers.
They are still very involved with the same group of friends since grade school.

They have told me they don't think they missed out on anything! 
They feel they had a very normal

Still today they often request one of the meals I used to make.
Meals I made because they were 
filling !!!

I'm thankful for the years I was able to be home with them....
thankful they don't live their lives as though anyone owes them anything.
They know how to get what they want, they know whats important in life.
They value the little things.....

I also remember having to go to work and leaving them.
It was a most difficult thing to do as a Mom,
yet I and every other Mom that's had to return to work has survived
the pain that comes with that separation.

I count my self very lucky that my Mom was their to love my son's like I would have
if I were home with them.  
After that a sweet older Grandma type watched them and loved them as a Grandma type would :-)
I was so lucky!

So what I know is this.
Rather you have to work or want to work outside the home.....
Your children can still learn what matters most.
It's what takes place as a family when your together.
It's the values you teach them,
even if it means they have to save for the bike, the car or Mr. Jordan'$ tenni$ $hoe$ !

I'm beginning to see how hard it is going to be for my daughter in law Katie to return to work and leave Khloe.  
It breaks my heart for her, I  so remember how hard it was myself......
....but I know she'll  be fine and so will little Khloe.
This little girl is so loved by so many....
There are a classroom full of children who need a teacher like Katie
and there aren't many like her!
She is the kind of teacher that has a big impact on a little one's life.
Many are children that likely don't experience a circle of love, attention and encouragement when at home.
For some, they have to go to school in order to receive what Khloe is surrounded by everyday.

We all have the opportunity to teach our children life lessons.
To raise them with the knowledge that the world owes them nothing
and just what is worthy of us placing a value on....
For me ~
God, family and love ....
This is what echos from my heart today.....


  1. Debi
    Congrats on doing such a good job with your children! It does definitely take sacrifice to be a good mother.
    My sweet DIL has to work too, but she is a wonderful mother to our little grandson. My son and she devote their spare time to their little one equally. I followed much the same path as you did, but I respect the decisions that my children are making for their own families.
    A great post! Kimberly

  2. That all sounds so familiar...from scrimping and saving for eating at home and playing games rather than going out on the town! And my children likely wouldn't change a thing either. Thinking of your daughter as she heads back to the classroom!

    My Front Porch