Monday, November 7, 2011

I Found My Walking Buddy ~

My morning started as usual, coffee poured, to the office, read my devotionals and check e-mails.
Started really well when my blogging friend Sally fixed my blog so comments can again be made.
So thankful for Sally:-)

So after shutting down the computer, I decide to get my walk, housework and shower out of the way at the start of the day....I'm watching Khloe this afternoon and don't want anything to interfere with that time. 

Buy finishing what I have to do right off, I can enjoy my afternoon with her and I'm not stressed about rushing anything that didn't get done once the hubstir is home from work.  That's when I want to be available to him....even if we are just sitting in the same room.

So I happily force myself to get my shoes on and get out the door to walk. I'm determined to continue in my attempt getting in better shape.
Especially with the calorie SUPER SIZED holiday's coming our way!  
My excuse not to walk is usually I want a walking buddy and can't find one!
Turns out it's a very popular reason  excuse to get out of walking.

Today as I walked in the cool temps of November under a very blue,
sky dotted with several white puffy clouds, I took a moment.  
I took a moment to look around at the hills, sky, clouds, trees etc..
.....thinking how beautiful and incredible it all is. 

As I walked I wondered out loud,
"how can anyone think this all just appeared, an accident, an explosion, whatever, "
this took some thought. 
God thought it and spoke it in to existence, and it was perfect .

I started to pray as I walked and  before I knew it I was back home. 
I had found my new walking buddy!
Turns out, He was always walking along side of me,
I just had not taken the opportunity to dedicate that time,
as a time I could spend it with Him.

Now get walking! 
If you need a buddy I would be glad to introduce you to one :-)
This is what echos from my heart today


  1. Debi
    This is the perfect post for me! My excuse for not walking has been that my walking buddy (my
    husband) has been working and can't walk with me and I'm afraid I might encounter a bear! But if the Lord is walking with me I shouldn't be fearful. No more excuses!
    BTW-Khloe is adorable!

  2. Love it my friend!! Thanks for the encouragement!!