Monday, November 14, 2011

Finding My Identity ~


As a older mature woman I take a look over my shoulder at who I used to be.
I realize in doing so that I didn't  find my true identity until I
let go of my

Scripture tells us in Mark 8:34 and 35

"If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross
and follow me"

For me, I was suffering an identity crisis when I was trying to live my life apart from God.
who I had to be measure up.

But then again,
we are all born separated from God
If we are separated from Him we really don't know our true selves.
That however never stops us from trying to distinguish who we are daily...
it in fact begins to be a controlling
 factor our lives.

God wants us to find out who we are in Him. To find our fulfillment in Him.
Trouble is most are convinced that  fulfillment can be found in
relationships, the perfect body, worldly success, money and stuff!
None of which make us who we are....

When we come to know God, we are saying good bye to our old self,
and that
is where and when we begin to find
our true identity,
in Him.

Once realized...
I  knew I needed to be serving Him, be it in my church and/ or my community.
To do a work that God could do on His own if he wanted to...
for us to do so and to then give the glory to Him.
It's Him I represent.

In my opinion serving God and or leading others isn't about exceptional skill,
is not about what Bible college one attended, 
or a position of authority one might hold.
It's putting aside our egos and allowing God to work through us. 
Where and how we serve is based on our gifts, where He wants us,
and all is to glorify Him,
not self.

The choices I now make speak volumes as to who I am.
Who I am and how I live my life,
all realized only through my relationship with Him.

That being said,
I'm not passive about my faith.
I stand up for what is right not necessarily popular.
Also known as calling it as I see it....
I will not pass the buck or blame others for my wrongs. 
I do not put my self above another.
 I know for sure, I am far from perfect and I will never claim to be.

But I do know who I am.......

constantly fighting off the ego in order to be who 
I was intended to be.

This is what echos from my heart today.....

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  1. No wonder we have such a long took 50 years for me to get to this place too! Love how you put it down in's a great stage of life!! A great time of reflection and time to make our mark on those around us and to share what's most important in our life!

    Love your post on busyness too....