Sunday, November 27, 2011

Activity and Attitude

As a follower of Christ, the spiritual fruit I bear can be developed in a couple of ways.

which is of course the things that I do and what I accomplish for God.
It's good to do,
but we shouldn't put too much stock in trusting that alone.

is a far better indicator of what is happening in our spiritual life.
The proper attitudes, the influence of His love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness 
and self-control.

How we act on the inside,
our inward attitude eventually will start to have and affect
on our outward behavior.

In changing our inward attitudes,
(changing how we think and live)
something can't help but change in our behavior.
In allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives,
getting focused on growing in God's Word,
that's when
we will begin to notice changes in 
how we think and what we chose to do.

What's happening in our hearts is the fruits of the Spirit seeping outward.
It's what truly shows others what it is that sets us apart as different in this world.

It's a challenge to succeed daily,
 we are facing a constant battle with outside influences.
The goal is to be listening to God's direction and applying His Word to our lives.

By doing so
we will grow and mature,
which will change
our actions and our attitudes.

What is setting you apart from the rest of the world?
I challenge you to find the area you are weakest in
study all you can find
on that one topic.
If you lack self control, 
look up all you can find in your Bible on self control
and so on with whatever other area you
need work on.

One of my favorite reminders of how I live my life 
Am I able to share God without saying a word?

This is what Echos from my heart today ~


  1. Ever since I met you via blogland, I have seen God use you, as a vessel of His Love and Grace, to bless me. Whether you write much or little, His fruits flow out of you, to encourage, uplift, and spur me on. Don't you love how God gifted us with His fruits, for our sojourn on this earth? We couldn't survive without them.

    Your blog update is so attractively done!

  2. So beautiful - your words of encouragement; such a blessing, Debi. I've many weaknesses that I have to constantly work on.

    I needed this post today, and thank you for it. ((hugs))


  3. So glad I stopped by today! I received some difficult news this evening and really needed to read your words of encouragement!

  4. Once are a blessing and put it right out there for me to hear and to take heed! I had the most wonderful time on my porch today praising Jesus!! It was sweet!