Friday, June 24, 2011

Just some random photos of my backyard and
my Grand dog Turkelton :-)

Our new baby doves and Mom...

Love my ducks...

Favorite thing is my red water pump

Grand dog Turkelton smelling the flowers :-)

Turkelton posing like a good dog....

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  1. Such a beautiful yard, Debi. It must take a lot of work!

    Love the red pump also. Takes me back, way back.

    Have a blessed weekend, and thanks for sharing your photo's.


  2. Pretty! Your plants look so lush and happy. Turkelton is adorable.

  3. Yes, your yard is gorgeous, for sure! I love the red water pump, all of the colorful flowers and the interesting planter (that Indian-looking pot). The duckies are cute too!

    Your grand-dog looks like a Schipperke. He's really a cutie pie! :-)

  4. Your yard is beautiful and so inviting. I love your red water pump!