Thursday, October 21, 2010

All in One Spot

I recently received the greatest gift...  Bob and I have been together 14 years and last Thursday was the first time we have had all of our children and grandchildren in the same spot at once!  The four of our children and spouses all have different days off and one, Joseph is in the Army and hasn't been stationed in California.  Joseph, wife Angel and their two children Dominic and Calib came to visit and I was determined we would get a family photo done while we had the chance!  Success at last...

We gathered at a park for photo's and then all headed to Uncle Tony's Italian restaurant for a "family" dinner.  It was fun watching all the different conversations going on as well as an occasional grandchild moving from one end of the table to another.

Our Grandson Gavin,  loves to play Superman as well as his favorite, Bob the Builder. He was sporting a cape (dinner napkin) on this night, and he was Superman but we had to address him as Bob... a combo of the two :-) I watched as our oldest Granddaughter Julia hurt her back going under a table and turned to Grandpa in tears for comfort. Grandpa held her like a baby for a short time and all was well.  She is growing up but still loves to be held like in her younger days. (She'll always be our baby girl) I was thrilled to just glance around the room and note the personality's of each, memories of a long time ago...just being a Grandma that was happy holding one or two of her Grand kids at a time. Answering the precious little questions kids ask or listening to little Dominic talking to me again about what his Halloween Costume was going to be; he will be dressed as a monkey that is dressed as Buzz Light year ???? Yet another combo...  Grins.......I loved just providing Grandma hugs and letting them know how much I love them.

Joseph and family are now back in Kansas (Oz) :-) and we already miss them.  I don't know when we will all have the chance to be together again, but I do hope I don't have to wait another 14 years!
I don't expect any of them to get what it meant to us having them all within hugging distance, or to look down the dinner table and see every child and grandchild, it was heaven!

Heaven, made me think of what's  in store for me when I leave this world...For me, Heaven is where those who in faith, believe God's Word and His promise, that we will spend eternity with Him.  A gift of a lifetime given to all of us, if we will only receive it. All together in one spot forever, and hopefully with everyone I love!

I'm puzzled how quickly many people choose to believe a respected News anchor, teacher, neighbor, friend and even, a President.  Puzzled that many take the words they speak and decide they must be true because they said so. Puzzled we all believe what we learned about in History classes in school... puzzled that these same people choose to not believe the Bible, God's Word.  This book, is a History book, yet its not believed by many? It contains sixty-six different books, 40 plus authors over a 1500 year period, all in perfect unity. All inspired by God, the words of God given through the writers. The Bible is filled with detailed accuracy of days past and of days to come. Proven as true by many who's life purpose was to prove it as otherwise, false.
( Read  "More than a Carpenter" by Josh McDowell.....)

My hope is that people, especially in this troubled world we live, will take a second look at the most important book of your history. Denying the Bible as truth is no different than denying the Holocaust took did!!  I personally would like us all to be together in one spot when this is all over.  I want to look down the table and someday see each of you.  The alternative is not  so comforting a thought for eternity.

If you feel that Christianity is false information and it turns out your wrong, there is no changing your mind when you take your last breath. Not believing and finding out you were wrong, ...That results in a horrible suffering  for eternity not to mention being apart  from some that you love.  It will cost you eternity in heaven as promised in His Word.....   Let's just say you decide to believe it and it turns out not to be true...what have you lost ?

Hoping all those I love will one day be, all in one spot ... forever... this is what echos in my heart today....


  1. You have a good looking family and I loved how you shared about them. I understood your mother's heart as I read this post. Times all together are treasured memories in our hearts. My grandson is planning on dressing as Buzz Lightyear too. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. What you wrote about Heaven was so meaningful and inspiring. We have so many precious promises. Serious thoughts and beautifully worded.

  3. Hi Deb,

    My name is Viola and I'm one of Connie's blog buddies. I just noticed your just up the road from me in San Marcos. One of my dearest, good friends lives in San Marcos by the college.

    I look forward to following your blog.
    Feel free to follow me back as i'm over at;

    Take care, Viola
    a neighbor just south of you, down in Poway