Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trading Bitter for Better

If given the choice of being bitter or better, I choose better.

In the Bible Saul became David's constant enemy due to jealousy. Dealing with the situation was a test of David's faith as it can be with us. Joseph had brothers that hated him out of jealousy, and in the end he was rewarded for doing what was right regardless of the pain his brothers caused him.

If someone is bitter, jealous or hurtful toward us we will likely ask God why he doesn't do something about it!

What I have experienced is there are times when God is more interested in doing something in us, rather than for us. If God can't do a work in us how could He ever do any work through us? There is also the occasion God will give us what we think we want just to prove to us its not really what we know, the old be careful what you wish for!

Being jealous of what someone else has is not trusting God that He has a plan for you.. When you see that others are jealous of what you have, be reminded they aren't really jealous that you have it, they are angry that they don't. They often even choose to be jealous of what one has, yet they don't want to do what you had to do to get it!

How we respond to bitter people is what matters. Our response to them is what shows our true character. Sometimes all we can do is pray for them and know that often, hurting people hurt people. When we aren't walking in love towards others we are providing an opportunity for more wrong and bitterness to enter in our own lives.

I was in a place where I had to make a choice, I could be bitter for the hurt someone has caused me or I can be better, and forgive them. I chose to be better, I let go of what lay behind with the knowledge that God is my vindicator. By holding on to the enormous hurt and anger we eventually wake up and realize all we have been doing is drinking the poison waiting for the other person to die...that poison is unforgiveness, bitterness and anger.

Choosing to be better meant, seeking understanding in the situation (still), learning to have a merciful attitude toward the offender and praying for them. I choose to plant a seed of a better not bitter attitude for my children and grandchildren to carry on. If I can't teach my children the importance of forgiveness, the importance of how we treat and react to others, then I have failed them greatly.

God has forgiven us...Its important to understand that if you can't forgive others He can't forgive you! Choose better, not bitter. This is what echo's from my heart today.

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