Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Waiting for Our Baby Girl !

The news is this, the Doctor has announced, my Granddaughter is in  position to make her appearance in this world at anytime!! Her due date of  Aug. 1st maybe different than what she has in mind!!

There are no words to describe the excitement that comes with her arrival, but to give you and Katie's shower one game was for us to design a  baby one piece white cotton...well, a onesee (sp).  I am not at all creative, but I laid out this garment that was to serve as my canvas and I grabbed hold of the green and pink permanent markers and wrote;

My Grandma waited 
34 years 
just for
 me !

I didn't win a prize for the top three chosen by the prize will be this precious baby girl and the joy she will bring to my life.  My son's used to tease me and tell me they were never having children.  They knew they could get a greater reaction than, lets say the thought of me losing a limb!!!  My response was always, "yes, you are having children, it's why I had you!"

I can't wait to see my Son as a Father.  He has a great Father of his own and had two wonderfully perfect Grand Father's  as examples.  There is just so much we suddenly "get" about our parents once we get our hands on one of our own.  I know he will fully understand just how much he is loved, (that love you can't describe) once he holds their baby girl.

Mike's first experience of loving a baby girl....holding my niece Summer.

He and Katie are outgoing, funny, very much in love and appreciate the fruits of their labor.  They are going to be great parents and the fruit's of this labor, well, one can't put into words.
Katie and Mike

Praying for an easy delivery and a healthy baby girl Until then I'll just continue to wait...................
this is what echo's from my heart today.


  1. I'll be thinking of your family as you wait for that precious baby. :)

  2. I am so happy for you and all of your family. I can't express to you the heartfelt joy that precious little girls bring into life. I promise to pray for you and for your son and his wife, as they await this brand new adventure that God has blessed them with.

  3. Oh, how exciting! A new baby! We'll be praying for an easy delivery, and then waiting to see all the new photos! Best of luck, Mike & Katie!!!

  4. So, so exciting!! I'm happy for all of you and praying for a healthy baby girl!!


  5. Exciting news all around! I am also awaiting the arrival of a granddaughter anytime...due today, actually. I'm rooting for Saturday...since that is her daddy's birthday!

    Blessings to you all.

  6. My baby girl changed my life 19 years ago!

  7. Just found your blog. Can't wait to hear about the birth of this baby girl! Pray all is well!

  8. Just checking in Debi, to see if there's any news yet. Hope all is well! :)

  9. I am waiting for a grandson to be born anyway. I am heading to Colorado next week to be ther hopefully. What a great time in both of our lives. Praying for healthy babies!