Friday, July 15, 2011

Thoughts of Heaven...

So, heaven is this perfect place.
Let me try to imagine perfect......

Perfect color before our eyes, landscapes we've never imagined.

Sounds, what might they be?
I love birds, maybe nothing but birds squawking or softly singing....

Maybe just the sound of the breeze blowing 
through the tallest trees. 

 The temperature, a constant state of never too warm, never too cool.
The sun always shining, big white cotton ball clouds slowly
moving through an over sized sky.

 The sounds of water all around, moving past us,
to be followed by more.....

 Majestic mountains, 

green valleys, calm waters, trees of every kind.

 The scent of flowers .........

Flowers framing everything, everywhere.....

No memories of the bad, no worries about tomorrow.
Satisfied, without want, ever.... for eternity!

I won't be crabby, fearful, sad, uncertain or anxious.

In a state of constant calm......

Happy, perfectly happy....

 mansions, streets of gold, majestic gates, it's what we know..
Surround by God's Glory....

Loving as God loves; loving completely, loving with our whole hearts.
Everything done in love, perfect love,
as He first loved us.....

Heaven, its not about how we might die it's about how we will live,
for eternity....

I hope to meet you there.
Content, sitting at the feet of Jesus ....

Heaven is what echos from my heart today.....


  1. Even more perfect than we actually can imagine! ♥♥♥

  2. Beautiful, Debi.

    Simply beautiful.


  3. what beautiful examples of what we can expect in heaven.
    So loving of our Lord to give us a taste of it here on earth.
    What an imagination!!

  4. This post is the best way ever to start out my early Monday morning. I think of Heaven so often and you did a beautiful job(as always) of describing what it could be like. You sure do have a gift to be able to truly share your heart echos. Thank you!