Thursday, July 21, 2011

Khloe Isabelle Stevens

Upon my arrival at the hospital the first thing my son tells me is, "today is Ernest Hemingway's birthday".

Mike is a big Hemingway fan so he is pleased !

Our Khloe made her appearance at 2:50 P.M, weighing in at 7lbs. 4 oz and was 20 inches long, blonde and a nice pink skin tone.  Of course...she is perfect!

Her Momma, Katie,  did a great job, remained calm the entire time.....until she had her little girl lay across her chest, and then the tears of joy came.....a Mommy and her girl bonding skin to skin. Katie somehow remained beautiful throughout.

My son Mike, Khloe's Daddy (I like to say that), was a great encourager.  He had words and a constant touch of reassurance for his wife whom he loves so much.

I spent the day in the labor room and was lucky enough to be their for the delivery as well.  I just kept having little flash backs to Mike being born 34 years ago and how I don't forget that feeling.

My main goal was to get that photo of Daddy seeing Khloe for the first time.....I did.
Khloe holding Daddy's hand for the first time.....but not the last.

Watching Mike with his baby girl....I so wanted to tell him, 'now you know how much I have really loved you all this time'. ....I didn't.  He will know in his own time, just as I did.....
and so the family has begun........................

Nice to meet you ........


  I can't wait to talk to her about her Daddy when he was a little boy.
and here he is :-)
May 1977 ~ Mike 2 weeks old :-)

Mike ...wasn't he so cute....just like his little Khloe.

I am over the moon with Khloe and we just met.  I can't wait to start making memories with her.

I can't wait to take her shopping!!!!!!!!!!

This is what echos from my big overflowing heart today.....
and what a day it was....


  1. God love that precious little Khloe! I'm so happy for all of you; such a beautiful blessing to come into your lives.

    Congratulations!! Nothing sweeter in this world!


  2. Mother and baby are both beautiful.
    I think it really takes having your own children to appreciate how much our own
    parents love us.
    So glad the birth went well!

  3. She's gorgeous! My granddaughter is 19 and the bond just gets stronger every year!

    And what a flat stomach you had after having your son! Not fair! I have a son born in 77 too.

  4. I loved reading this post. How special and beautiful. Let the memories begin.

    God bless,

  5. My heart overflows with joy and happiness for you and your precious new little Khloe. I feel in my heart each and every word you write. Both mother and baby are beautiful!!! I smiled as I read about the birth of your son in 1977, as that was the year my oldest daughter was born too. I loved the pictures of you holding him and remember back to all those special thoughts I had in my heart back then too.

    As you begin this new journey, I appreciate you sharing your heart thoughts with all of us. So happy for all of you!

  6. Blessings & Best Wishes on the birth of little Khloe.....what a wonderful day!

  7. No greater miracle exists than the miracle of a new life. She looks perfect! Congratulations to the entire family.

    One of my favorite scents, is the head of a newborn baby. There is nothing better.

  8. What a precious baby girl! I know you are in love! I had my first in 1977 too...but my stomach was not that flat at two weeks post!!! :) I had to smile when I saw the pic pf him with the evenflo bottle warmer and the recipe card box. I'm sure I had many pictures with those two things in them! My favorite part of this post:"now you know how much I have really loved you all this time"...Beautiful post!