Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Well, I've been away from blogging for four years now. Truth is I'm not even sure of why I stopped, I suppose I allowed life to get too busy. I started to go in and read the blogs I use to follow and catch up with each, but that just became overwhelming.... So let's start again!

The grand kids are growing up and we have a new addition. Dillon Kai was born in March of 2016 and he is a pistol. He is adorable, smart, funny, bossy, demanding and loves to cuddle. I watch him four days a week and he is just the greatest joy for us. Up until last week he called me, Mommy, Mama, Nemaw and finally nailed Namaw! It does a heart good just to be called :-)

Life is forever changing  as with everyone. Celebrations, sorrows, seasons of life each one.
I'm preparing for a vacation back to Montana for a family reunion this summer. I haven't made the annual trip since the loss of my sweet Aunt Wilma in over three years ago. Just haven't been able to bring myself to deal with a visit and her not being there, strangers living in the house that was formerly my Grandmothers. Uggh... I still try and go through it mentally as to prepare myself...it's sad, yet at the same time I'm excited to see all of my family and catch up. The Herndon family is a special group of individuals who love deeply and always have each others backs.

The end of last year my cousin Bob's son Ben asked if the could stay with us for a time. He moved   in a couple days later. He was going through some struggles as we all do in life and wanted to find work, get life in order and the plan was his wife and daughter would come here to live in California.  We had some amazing conversations and I started to feel even more connected with him. It was easy  to do as he had a really beautiful heart.  His wife Adrianne did come out to spend sometime with him and they were so in love so excited and optimistic about their future. Not long after she returned to Montana. After seeing them together I didn't think he was going to make it through the holidays away from his family so he returned to Montana as well.  Sadly Ben's life was taken in a motorcycle incident on May 10th at the age of 41. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this tragedy, the family and all who knew him are at such a loss. A celebration of his life is next Friday in Butte Montana, I will be there in spirit as our family gathers. Our reunion this summer will be bitter sweet, as there will be an empty seat at the table. Benjamin will not be forgotten, but forever in our hearts.

Life can be over in an instant, why we often assume it will never be someone close to us? We should be living life fully, speaking love to those we love. What if we were to tell others what they mean and have meant to us while they are with us rather than at their service? I think it requires really being aware of doing it daily and maybe it then becomes second nature?  I am thankful for the time I had with Benjamin, he knew how much I loved him, how much hope I had for his future being bright again.

A dear friend told me, "I know he enjoyed his time with you and Bob, and the Lord brought him to you out of the blue to share His love with Ben. God knew how short his time was and knew you'd be obedient to share God with Ben."  Ben told me one night he felt as if there was an empty hole inside that he couldn't fill. I told him, "that is the hole only God can fill, and that is when that peace that surpasses all understanding takes over." His response is that is what I've been looking for!

I hope that space has been filled for each of you, it's what echos from my heart today....


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Family Vacation ~ Awesomeness

We've just returned from three nights in the mountains with our kiddos and grand kids.
I'm exhausted but with a smile on my face and a happy heart!
We rented a home up in Julian, an hour from home.
Like most Mom's I just wanted sometime with as many of us together as I could get.

In preparation for the trip Khloe and Ellery let me help them make brownies and peanut butter cookies!

As soon as we arrived at the house we unpacked went into town for lunch and returned
to sample the baked goods...

 Then is was into the swimwear for a dip in the pool. 
These two can spend
many hours in a pool!

Beans trying on her new goggles :-)
Roo with her new pool toy...taste test?
 The oldest three cousins would not arrive until late the first night, 
which was not a good thing according to these two. 
They love being with their cousins!

Now for a peak at this fabulous location we found.

Back side of home

View out back...

Back porch, with screened in porch through that door..

Back porch

Loved the front porch 

Neighbors across the road :-)

Rooms above garages


Screened in porch


Master bath

Formal dinning room

One of the guest rooms

Laundry room

Stairway down to kitchen

Formal Dinning room...
Patio area


Family Photos

Ellery and Khloe


DIL Katie

Ellery playing bean bag toss

Joseph (hard to get a photo without his eyes closed) :-)

Worn out Khloe and Daddy

Bocce ball

Daughter Jackie and Grand Aubrie

Ellery and Momma

Aubrie in search of rabbits...

Namaw and Roo

My crazy daughter in law Katie

Follow the leader

Said bunny....

An after nap hug...

New leader :-)

My oldest grand Julia and youngest Ellery

Ev and Gavin

My girl Jackie and I .

Son Mike throwing Beans in the air, regardless of that face she liked it, I didn't.........

Julia, Jackie and Ev

Julia and Ellery

Aubrie and Gavin

Ellery, Julia, Gavin

Mike and Katie

Pa and Katie

Mike, Katie and Joseph

Gavin, Ev and Aubrie

Men talk....

Aubrie and Ellery

Bob aka Buster Jackie and Joseph

Sweet Beans and Nam

Game room was a hit!

Jackie and Ev in relax mode....then came Khloe...

Where is  Roo?? Hiding behind Uncle Joseph...

Gavin and Khloe

Khloe, Ellery, Julia and Gavin

Grands minus 3

Sweet Roo


Daughter Jackie

Beans hosted her first Tea Party ~

Fell asleep on time out :-)

Maker of corn bread....

Aubrie and her tether ball :-)

Ev, Jackie and Beans

Gavin and Joseph


DIL Katie


Gavin and Julia
Myself and the littles....
Aubrie, lead hunter of rabbits....

In search of bunny,,... found it!
Looks like she had to get out of the pool.....

Namaw and Roo


Khloe and Daddy

Khloe and Ellery with Daddy

Mike and his Hannah Montana towel :-)

M &M bandit....

Khloe and Gavin

Pa and Khloe

Ev and Julia


Julia and Roo

Ev and Gavin

Its what happens when you take over 400 photos....

Obvious what echos from my heart today, no?