Wednesday, August 5, 2015

For the Record~

Dear Hotel, Restaurants, Gas Stations,

When you buy the cheapest thinnest toilet paper to save money,
you're not saving money, we use three times as much!

Winthrop Washington, Old Schoolhouse Brewery,
you win for best toilet paper in the Pacific Northwest.
The pleasure was all mine.

 Sheets and mattresses,
A good mattress is one that does not dip in the middle...
Good sheets, soft and cool, atop the semi firm mattress.
Inn at Laurel Point, Victoria British Columbia,
you win, the pleasure was all mine.

Greatest find, so great I have to share.
Five Pines Lodge in Sister Oregon.
Luxury cabins, top of the line furniture, the landscape alone,
screams peace and calm.....
awesome spa, brewery, movie house.
The friendliest staff, eager to help in any way they can.

Best Meal, 
Five Spice in Lake Oswego
Best Ahi EVER!

Most amazing experience of the trip,
High Tea at the Empress, Victoria B.C.
everyone should experience this! 

 Lessons learned,
I swear, I will not over pack again.
Bob was awesome about carrying bags in and out of Hotels,
glad he puts time in at the gym!

We will never again do short stays
minimum three days at
any one spot.

Best Audio book,
East of Eden
what a great story!! 

Personal highlight of the trip,
(though all were special)

meeting my blogging friend Judy and her husband.
We had such a great time with them!

Overall we had a most wonderful trip,
 spent time with some wonderful people,
had lots of laughs,
saw some beautiful country,
and made some new friends.
Special thanks to those who welcomed us into their homes,
Rene and Rocky, Dan and Nancy, Steve and Shelly, Aunt Marguerite,
Kathy and Steve, Debra and Tom!

To my cousins Greg and Shari, Cindy and Scott
thanks for a great evening in Seattle, too much fun!!
Thanks to the photo bomber as well.....

blurry photo but it's what I have...

How blessed are we ?

My favorite traveling partner Bob,
I love you and love that you are willing 
to chauffeur me around our country! 

Priceless moments, it's what echos from my heart today...



  1. It was fun to read about your travels around my Pacific Northwest. So glad you met my dear friend Judy and her hubby Elmer. Quality human beings! I was born and raised in Southern California but have lived in the Seattle area since 1988. It is great to have the time to spend more than one night at each spot along the way! Thanks for your insights and recommendations!

    1. Ellen b.,
      Agreed, quality human beings is a perfect description!
      Where in So.Cal did you grow up? I left Redondo Beach in 1987 for San Diego County.
      Thanks for stopping by, hope you return!


  2. Love your 'ups and downs ~ highs and lows' of your road trip! I'm smiling about the toilet paper...and making plans to sleep at the Inn at Laurel point one day...and have high tea at the Empress. So glad we had the chance to meet up while you were in my part of the world!

    PS Next time you head north, you can stop by to see my friend Ellen B. and her hubby in Seattle. :)

  3. So with you on the toilet paper, the sheets and mattresses. Sounds like such a great trip with beautiful scenery. Hope your back is much better now.

  4. Soft and strong Charmin in this house!!!
    Tell Bob, he has to learn that having High Tea requires one to crimp up their pinkie finger. :-)

  5. I love this post, Debi! And, hoping & praying your back is much better!

    Bless you both, glad you had such a good time and are back home safely.

  6. Debi, it looks like a trip you'll remember with such fond memories!
    Just give me that lodge and the High Tea and I'd be happy...

  7. What an interesting post! This place looks amazing! The good time you shared with Judy and Elmer, is something I can relate too. Beautiful picture of you two! Your kind comment about your traveling partner, was priceless!