Thursday, September 12, 2013

Parties in Heaven ~

Parties in Heaven !!

This photo,
if my Mom had her usual glass in one hand and her purse under her arm,
this it exactly what that would have looked like :-)
Khloe, Nanny's mini me....

Today would have been my Mom's 80th birthday.
It still seems she left us to soon,
she was so full of spunk and playfulness.

I do wish I had enjoyed her playfulness more, 
seen it more as
the bright side of a day....
as I do now.

I still have some " I wishes" going on.
But I realize that not matter what,
no matter how long you have someone in your life,
it leaves a hole.
A hole for the wishing.

I will continue to think of her with my Dad,
that beautiful thought brings me so much peace.

Trusting that today in heaven, the celebration is much more than the best 
party we could have ever given her.
Mom, you continue to echo from my heart everyday...


  1. Oh, girl I so agree! My Mom echos from my heart every day too. She died 5 years ago this Dec. at the age of 78 and I still miss her so much. No one can ever replace our Moms! Blessings to you!

  2. I comfort myself with the same thing. My mom is with her beloved now as well as her Savior, and she missed him so much. My mom echos LOUDLY from my heart everyday too. How grateful I am for all the memories I dwell on and remember, HUGS to you!

  3. My mama will be 90 Saturday, but her quality of life had greatly diminished in the last few years. I often think what a glorious day it will be when she leaves her pain behind and joins my daddy in Glory! But I will miss her.....I always say we're sad for us, but happy for them.

  4. A sweet tribute to your mom. Hugs to you as you remember her on her special day! My mom passed away at age 74...much too young in my eyes.

  5. Sweet little Khloe mimicking your mom. I'm sure that makes your heart happy. I know you miss her so much.