Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rocky Road , Not the Ice Cream ~

The hubstir had shoulder surgery two weeks ago.
on the day I was at the peak of body aches due to a visit
from ye old flu bug...
The surgery was to last about and hour and fifteen minutes
however it
 turned out to be three hours and fifteen minutes.
After surgery 

The surgeons first words to me were,
"your husband has a very high pain tolerance, his was the worst I have
ever seen and I've been doing this a long time".

Let' jump ahead two weeks.
After weeks of him sleeping in the recliner, (they recommend it)
and really, very little sleep was to be had,
at last he has had three nights in an actual bed,
the guest bed.
(No we haven't gone all Desi and Lucy, it's just his odds (and therefore mine) of
getting a good nights sleep are much better.)
Sleep, something lacking in both our lives in the last two weeks..

He had his post op appointment Wednesday.
Took new x-rays with him to see how it looked thus far.
Stitches removed...
Jump to the bad news.
The screws have worked themselves out!
A second surgery now needed is scheduled for the twentieth...
As if it's not lousy enough there is a second surgery,
 lets let him think about it for a couple weeks :-( 
Surgeon speaks, " I have never had a case where the screws worked
themselves out! "

Thursday the hubstir is shouting for me from the opposite side of the house.
Blood was shooting about a foot and and half out of his "healed" surgical site... 
We applied pressure with a washcloth (folded in fours),
blood continued filling the cloth ?

Paged the surgeon who promptly returned our call.
I explained what had happened, and that we did get it stopped.
Surgeon speaks, " Your husband is a strange case" (I smiled in my head)
" I have never had a patients surgery site start spurting blood".

Friday back to the Doctors so he could take a look.

Needless to say the hubs is a tad bummed out,
very antsy, bored, feels useless, frustrated and the list goes on... 
Though nothing compares to what he has been going through,
can I just speak to the women out there?
you know.

It has been a challenge along side him as he faces this mountain he 
has been climbing daily (only to prepare to climb it again).
This is a big challenge for him, on many levels.

On the up side....
Add to the mix
 our sweet little Khloe everyday (thank God)....
Little things like trying to put her shorts on her head...sometimes
they get stuck :-)
or as she would say, " caught". 

She gives cause for many smiles and laughs everyday, for both of us.
Forget the fact she YELLS " Pa" ten thousand times a day 
we are both glad she is here!!
She does his shoulder exercises with him :-) 

She assists him in tending to his tomatoes....

There is much to discover as we go through this long 
time of our lives together....and we are " discovering"!
We are so looking forward to the day
 that we are
looking back at this time
that we got grew through.
Challenges faced every day, 
each of us in a different way,
 for different reasons.

Time with God during this season of life,
Much to be learned as we make our way to the next day,
the next two weeks, the next recovery period.
God has brought to my attention early on,
areas that I really need to work on!

All things work together for good :-)

Romans 8:28

And we know that God causes all things to work together 
for good to those who love God, 
to those who are called according to His purpose. 

So, I'm soliciting prayers for his upcoming surgery,
for our daily challenges of working through this time together.
Mostly for Bob to find some peace as he waits, recovers and heals.
It's going to be a long road for him....


A desire for peace in the midst of it all,
it's what echos from my heart today. 


  1. Oh, my goodness! I will be praying!

    My BIL who is paraplegic had shoulder surgery a few years ago and the doctor came out after several hours and said the same thing. He had to actually open the shoulder so the recovery was sooooooo long.. Of course he has to use his arms a lot during the day to transfer. It was horrible for him and for my sister. She would commiserate with you!!!

  2. Well, your husband AND you are in my prayers for sure. We do find ourselves in trying times throughout life, but the good Lord sees us through everything.

    Khloe is a doll.

  3. GOD speed healing and recovery for your hubby and for you Debi to be the proverbs 31 with strength to carry the family through this with grace, dignity while he heals and your guys both rely on the lord for each and everything. GOD bless you both!

  4. Oh, dear! I'll definitely be praying for your family as your husband goes through this next surgery. It sounds harrowing.

    Sending peaceful thoughts for health and healing and many, many prayers.

  5. Praying every morning, sister. Love you both!