Sunday, June 2, 2013

Honestly Speaking ~

Yet, speaking in general....

Why is that what isn't done to an others liking is what gets noticed?
What about the rest?

Children draw our complete attention when they do something wrong,
Is the same attention given with all that's right?

We notice the one that volunteers for service of many kinds,
 many serve daily and go unnoticed.
Thanked a Veteran lately?

Many complain about the unfairness in the workplace,
and all that's wrong there.
Why not focus on how lucky you are to have a job?

There are those who complain about their spouses,
how about you focus on the kind of spouse you are?

There are numerous complaints about a lack of money,
yet we continue to spend.

To obtain that which is your greatest desire,
how much are you willing to sacrifice to obtain it?

Some wondering if they will survive the raising of their children,
hey, they take work, they take time.
Nobody said it would be easy....
nothing of real value is.

When will my life change rather than repeating the same problems?
When are you willing to make changes??

It's _________ fault I'm the way I am.
Throw down that crutch and walk!

May I suggest we start focusing on what there is to be grateful for.
Maybe you start behaving like an adult, put away your childish ways.
Maybe you make every day count with the people you love,
this life is not a gameYou won't get to play again.......

 Maybe rather than point the finger at another,
we focus on ourselves and what we need to work on?

This really isn't rocket science....
but it is 
what echos from my heart today :-)


  1. Oh, Debi, you are such a blessing with your posts and I so love your music, brings such a smile to my heart! True, true words written here! Sweet blessings!

  2. Aw, Debi, there really is so much negativity in the world, in our own surroundings, towns, homes. I so agree with you in every word. It's much
    easier to be happy when we don't focus on the negative. I'm learning this more and more in my own life. I don't like to think I've been a negative person, but I can see there were many things I should have said or done differently.

    Thank you for always bringing attention to what we need to hear.


  3. Food for thought...for sure! I'm thinking.

  4. Your heart echoes so many interesting thoughts. I agree with you. For some reason, one has to take special notice to stop and be thankful for life instead of seeing the negative. Thought provoking post.

    Happy weekend!