Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Post a Note ~

Stopped a moment to think,
what was I whining about last?
What was the latest,
poor me?

Why does it often take events such
as the devastation in Oklahoma
to get me to stand a little more
at attention daily.
Too take note!

Life is precious,
someone I love could be taken from
me in an instant.
It doesn't always happen to someone else.

I do purpose daily to be 
thankful for what I have.
I do value life, 
mine and the lives of those I love.
It's not enough.
Is it possible to create the habit of
thinking less about the stuff that whirls
around our paths daily
more about that which I value,
love and cherish the most?

Tragedy makes us me focus
on what's good.
 takes my mind off the truly
small things
complain, wine,
worry about.

In the big picture it's those very things, 
 really aren't worth the time I give them.

I'm going to attempt to 
remind myself of those who have lost
someone they loved.
Those who have no home to return to,
I can't imagine the shock of that, and where
do you begin to begin again?

Last night,
they were rewinding the tape.
"What were our last words to each other "?
"Why didn't I ________"?
Trying to remember how it felt to hug them,
trying to remember their scent.
Purposly etching the face of the one no longer,
 in their mind. Must ensure that memory stays fresh.

How painful, yet that's what we I would do.
I've no doubt it's what they were doing, 
as they approached the first of many sleepless nights.

I'm thinking I will post a note to myself,
put it where
I can see it throughout the day.
It will read, like this......



I want to etch it in my minds eye,
to ensure I'm always, consciously aware,
that those I love are here for a given time.

Praying for Oklahoma

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Psalm 34:18

Taking note of what matters, it's what echos from my heart today....


  1. Debi, its so refreshing to hear someone who has put her life's priorities in perspective. I'm always left with such a positive feeling, when I read your thoughts. I look forward every morning to read your thoughts, it's a great way to start off my workday.

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  3. Joining you in prayer for those families devastated by the Oklahoma tragedy. And focusing on those things that truly matter today! Thanks, Debi.

  4. Right on the mark! Suddenly, things take on a different importance. I'm so sad for all those hurting people and praying they will feel that comfort from The Lord!

  5. You said that so eloquently. I'll just say, I'm right there with you. :)

  6. Thank you, Debi. I know it's so important to treasure every sing moment. My prayers are with those in Oklahoma and Texas. Such tragedies.


  7. Debi, obviously I can't spell - meant to say "single". This is part of getting old I guess. :)

  8. Leave it to you my friend, to kindly and yet, powerfully remind me of the most important things in life. You stated it perfectly and it spoke to me in a most meaningful way this morning. I am thankful once again, that I visited you here again.