Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sweet Friends ~

Just a note to thank my sweet friends for checking in on me :-)  You have touched my heart in a big way.
Life has gotten too busy and I'm hoping to rectify that very soon.  Hope to be back to blogging by May!
Miss all of you and boy do I have some catching up to do!!!

I pray all is well with you and yours.....

Much love,



  1. I thought you were just so excited about the new grand! :). Glad to see you. Life is way too busy!

  2. So good to hear from you. I do hope life will slow down for you, I can only stand to be so busy and then I begin to crumble. Of course, there are those times that it cannot be helped. Wishing you well!

  3. Hi Debi,
    I sure hope you are well. Maybe you'll see this as a way to drop by and read my blog as I'm finally doing a blog anniversary giveaway.

    God bless and take care!


  4. So, so glad to "see you".

    Take care,and be back when you can!


  5. I was wondering what was happening in your corner. Thanks for peeking in. :)

  6. Just me...missing you and understanding totally your busyness in daily life.