Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Writer's Cramp ~

Trying to find my way back to the blogging world....thanks so much to each of you who shared your kind words with me and who continued to let me know you where thinking of me. It really meant so much. It has been a struggle for me to blog, I just never felt "it", each time I attempted to sit down and do so.  At any rate,  I'm thankful for you my blogging friends :-)

The loss of my sweet Mom, well, it is an entirely different experience from losing  my Dad.  She, was my Mom. She carried me, she and I literally connected to each other, she birthed me, taught me, loved me........she Mothered me.  Never, so aware of this start to finish thought of us, until now.

We had a very nice celebration of her life.  Family came from out of state, which gave way for opportunity of stronger, closer family relationships to be formed.  A pulling together of those that remain.  We are family.

Weeks turned to now, months of a "limbo" state...daily thoughts of, "she was just here?" " I can't believe she didn't come home."  Trying to focus on the fact that I had her with me the last six weeks prior to her going into the hospital.  So very thankful for her and I to have that important time. Thankful she was able to experience " Khloe joy"...she was so alive with joy when her eyes met Khloe's every morning and Khloe would get so excited to see her Nanny!  Many have noticed how much of my Mom we can see in, she is near to me still.

Life does go on and joy does return...  I am so happy to think of her with my Dad again.


In the meantime our little Khloe turned one!  Can you believe it? 
 I am posting birthday photos for your viewing pleasure.
  I'm confident you will love them :-)

The morning of her birthday, Grandpa teaches her how to play angry birds?
Time to hit the beach!

Don't be jealous.....
Looking very Hollywood
With her Daddy
She had NO fear of the water!
Happy with her cupCAKE.....

Maybe just a bite :-)
Yep, she liked it.
Not sure who was happiest on this day!

Plenty of frosting,
 still no hair.....

Ruby and Khloe


Bob and
 I are on the 2012 road trip to Colorado
hope to be blogging on that!

God bless each of you,
He has me.

No more writers cramp.....
Happy to be back is what echos from my heart today.


  1. Glad you are back! Sweet, sweet pic's of Chloe. Have a wonderful road trip!

  2. Chloe is a doll. Glad you're back and feeling better. Those are great pics. to whoever the photographer is.

  3. I was SO happy to see you today, Debi. You just don't know how often I've thought of you. I can't believe Khloe is one already! Wow, and such a doll baby. She sure is looking "hollywood" in those precious photo's. And, I love the one of she and Ruby together. Ruby is a doll also!

    Does Khloe have an upper tooth? I was just wondering; couldn't really tell. Rylan has two bottom ones so far.

    Have a wonderful time with Bob, and ya'll be safe!
    God bless!


  4. So glad to see you back blogging! I totally understand that special connection with your mom. My mom passed in 97 and there are sill time I can't believe she is gone.
    Khloe is beautiful and I know the joy you are finding with her! It does help with the pain I am sure. Have a wonderful trip!

  5. Welcome back! Your granddaughter is adorable! What a great way to celebrate her the beach! Love her swim cap and her cupcake! And aren't bumbos just the greatest? Whoever thought of that was brilliant!

  6. You won't believe this, but just yesterday I thought to myself, "I don't think debi has blogged lately," and here you are!

  7. Hi Debi,
    I've looked for you each day that I was blogging. I missed seeing your posts. I know wholeheartedly what you just walked through as I shared that when I read the post about your mom.
    Enjoy your vacation time. Your granddaughter is just a precious lil soul.

    Hugs, Viola