Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Road Trip

At Last ...
we got away for some much needed time together.
Both of us filled with excitement about the trip.
Nothing big planned,
just getting away seems to be enough.
We are not totally alone on this trip,
Wilson our......well,
 I suppose we could call him our youngest,
 always goes on road trips with us.  
Just too long to leave him alone....
I may explain on a future blog :-)
(Don't be worried)

Our first stop Mesquite Nevada.
First act of order was to upgrade to a suite. 

We decided to stay two nights and actually
have an entire day to enjoy the pool.

We went to the nearby WalMart and bought to floating mats that
made the 104 temps tolerable. Met a lovely couple from Canada
amazed by all we had in common.
Still kicking myself for not trading e-mail addresses.. :-(

Day three we checked out of the hotel and headed toward to our next overnight
in Glenwood Springs Colorado.
The skies were something like I've never seen for nearly the entire 9 hour drive.
I must share!

 Maybe overkill for some....I took close to 56 photos of that cloud filled trip.

My tired but happy driver, glad to be in Glenwood Springs.

Driver Bob
Wilson...loved the room.

The next morning we drove into town after breakfast to do a little shopping.

This is an "establishment" we visited two years ago so I had to catch a photo to send
to my youngest sister Dona.  Her last name is Holiday and her late husband's nick name 
Doc Holiday :-)

Odds of wearing shorts that match the .....street corner?
Before leaving Glenwood Springs we had previously made appointments 
the spa :-)
 Happy Us!!

We may have had facials, total body massage and mineral bath...........
Feeling like new people we headed toward our destination.
One planned stop was in Friso which is just below Aspen and
very near Breckenridge. 
 Awesome little town we also stumbled
upon two years ago.
Had a fabulous early dinner....
what  Bob called possibly the best pizza he has ever had!

Evidence of the pizza I failed to photograph....

My fabulous dessert, a homemade  brownie with nuts topped with awesome light whippy stuff..with chili sauce on the side.

Bob's lemon shortcake with peaches and whipped creme fresh....

Happy us!

Shopped around town for sometime, bought us some good fresh coffee and
headed toward destination, 
Thornton Colorado...
home of Tami and Scott 
our besties!

Up until 12:30 A.M. laughing and enjoying being together again.
We've had a lazy first day here.
 Had to go purchase ANOTHER 
magnifying make up mirror. 
 I have a bad habit of
leaving them suctioned to hotel mirrors ...Urrgh!!!!

It's early Friday morning as we prepare to leave with Tammy and Scott for
what I am sure will be a something to write about trip.
Heading first to Steamboat Springs for one night,
then on to Breckenridge the next night !

Now, all caught up on where we've been.


So far so good.....echo's from my heart today.


  1. Feeling envious, but so glad you are enjoying the ride!

  2. SO glad you are having a great time! Loved the sky pics...amazing!

  3. How wonderful, and look at you two smiling folks. You're a beautiful couple, and look SO happy. That's simply awesome!

    Thanks for sharing the photo's, love them all!!


  4. You look fabulous and can't wait to hear all about Wilson!