Monday, March 5, 2012

Things are Warming Up!

We had a beautiful weekend in Southern California, blue skies and 85 degrees on Sunday!  Khloe's Pappa set up and umberella so she could watch him work in the yard.  Had some blues playing on the stereo and she seem to love it as she danced in her walker :-)

I love this time of year....all things new sprouting up to bring color !
The fruit bright in color along with fresh flowers become part of the decor....

The doves have returned and are ready to begin another family !
Excited to share with you all that's new outside...
Looking forward to sharing the outdoors with you know who :-)

This is what echos from my heart today ................


  1. Such beautiful photo's, Debi. And, I'm loving Khloe, such a sweetheart. She looks happy to be in the outdoors. Glad you had such blue skies and happy times over the weekend!


  2. You have the most beautiful foliage there in California! Breathtaking! It was supposed to be really cold here today, but warmed up nicely....of course I need to do tons of outdoor things! Like get the oak pollen out of the pool! That's just one thing...didn't get to it today but I will just as soon as I mow the grass! :)

  3. Your photos are fabulous!
    But Khloe steals the show agin!